Product Review: A Powerful, Detoxifying Blend of 21 Herbal Botanicals From Around the World

Radiate 21 offers 21 botanical herbs from around the world for best health results.


Over the past 12 years since I first started the AltHealthWorks Facebook page I have been privileged to try natural and organic foods, supplements, and herbs from around the country and at times across the world, and these experiences have helped shape the person I am today.

Like many holistic journalists, bloggers and healers, I suffered health-wise throughout many of my formative years from eating a poor diet and living a sedentary lifestyle.

In 2010, I met a person who helped me, along with two of his other family members, to change my life and health for the better. That person is David, the founder of the Facebook page Healthy Wild Free and the recently created supplement Radiate 21.

I originally met David at his apartment in a Metro Detroit city near me after meeting his brother Joseph on the basketball courts at Lifetime Fitness, the place where the second leg of my healing journey (in my 20s) began.

David, Joseph and I bonded over our love for natural foods and supplements, and one of the most powerful and effective companies we each knew and began to work with was called the Amazon Herb Company, the brainchild of researcher, adventurer and Olivia Newton John widower ‘Amazon John’ Easterling, a real life ‘Indiana Jones’ of the Amazon jungles with an insatiable itch for discovering the best herbal remedies and natural health tonics on the planet.

The Amazon Herb Company created liquid, herbal capsules that went under the tongue called ‘Liquizons,’ along with other amazing products sourced from the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest.

I could write an entire book about the benefits of Amazon Rainforest herbs (as a matter of fact I did write a short ebook), but for now I would simply like to posit that there is nothing like Amazon Rainforest sourced natural medicine on the planet and David’s supplement Radiate 21 is one of the best possible places to get it from in the year 2024.


Radiate 21: A Healing Panacea Like Nothing on Earth

Radiate 21 includes 21 botanicals from around the planet.

It features some of my favorite Amazon Rainforest healing herbs including: Cat’s Claw, Sangre de Drago (Dragon’s Blood, also known as Sangre de Grado, Camu Camu, and Suma.

These four herbs alone are so powerful and effective in my personal experience that they are worth the price of admission alone for this supplement.

Learn More or Try Radiate 21 Here

Most of the herbs sourced from the Amazon Rainforest like the ones above are considered to be adaptogens, meaning they possess the ability to conform to the needs of the human body.

These Amazon Rainforest herbs possess special characteristics on their own but also have the ability to essentially morph into whatever type of healing agent the body needs at any specific time.

In terms of the Cat’s Claw supplement, I have taken it for years for its ability to cleanse the blood of unhealthy and potentially mutagenic substances.

Sangre de Drago is the best wound healing and gut health restoring supplement the world over; it’s like aloe vera on steroids for its ability to heal the gut lining (a must-have in today’s world of glyphosate and GMOs, which break down the gut lining over time).

Camu Camu is the highest content Vitamin C on Earth, a vibrant bright orange berry that heals the body and energizes the entire system.

Suma, also known as Suma Root, has been called Brazilian ginseng. In my personal opinion, this moniker does not do the Suma root herb justice as it is way more powerful than ginseng in my personal experience.

Suma Root restores health and wellness from the ground up. It replenishes ‘chi’ energy in the body and kicks anxiety to the curb similar to Ashwagandha but with a greater focus on optimizing hormonal health and building a strong energetic constitution from the ground up within the human organism.

If you try Radiate 21 for any reason, the above four herbs are it.

These four herbs in Radiate 21 comprise the best Amazon Rainforest based herbal formula I’ve taken since the Amazon Herb Company was bought out by TriVita and essentially disbanded.


Other Botanicals in the Formula 

Aside from the Amazonian herbs mentioned above, Radiate 21 includes Chinese, Native American and Ayurvedic herbs that combine to cleanse and restore your system from the inside-out.

I recently took Radiate 21 while traveling and working out prior to my cousin’s wedding in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

What happened was nothing short of incredible.

As I worked out sprinting and lifting weights on the two nights prior to her wedding, I noticed a large rash in my chest area where I often tend to store weight.

This is something I experienced many different times with Amazon Rainforest herbs and I experienced it again on this trip.

Combined with experience (and even prior to exercise), the Amazon Rainforest and other 17 herbs were cleansing my body from the inside-out in a visible and immediately noticeable way! 

I must have lost five pounds or more in that short time period alone in large part because of how incredibly well these herbs worked in a short period of time.

How to Use Radiate 21 Capsules 

Radiate 21 capsules are recommended to be placed under the tongue. They have a slight citrusy, minty flavor that dissolves in your mouth or under your tongue for the purposes of quick and efficient delivery to the blood stream.

From there, simply sit back and let them work their magic.

I wish I could tell you more about the brilliance of this product and these capsules but for now I would simply like to say that these herbs work so well that I tend to ‘get all in my feelings’ while writing about them, something I can’t say for many other products if any.

In conclusion, Radiate 21 is a premium product for people who are 100% deadly serious about healing their body in ways that aren’t possible otherwise.

To learn more or try it for yourself, check out the website link mentioned above.


Special thanks to Radiate 21 for providing a sample for the purposes of this review! You can learn more on Healthy Wild Free’s Facebook page or 





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