Mom Leaves Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Out For 12 Hours, Shocked to Find It Doesn’t Melt

Ebonie Marie-Baxter left a Wal-Mart ice cream sandwich on the counter for half of a day and was shocked to find it didn't melt.

Photo: Ebonie Marie Baxter/Facebook


A well known mother and social media influencer conducted an experiment with an ice cream sandwich brand from Walmart and was shocked at what she found afterward.

The woman, Ebonie Marie Baxter, has over 336,000 followers on Facebook and a popular YouTube channel (The Baxter Boys) on which she chronicles her and her family’s daily lives.

Ebonie Marie decided to leave an ice cream sandwich out on the counter for a long period of time as an experiment, and she came away from the experiment reluctant to even call the sandwich ‘ice cream’ anymore.

“Makes Me Sick,” Mom Says After Ice Cream Experiment

The post was made on January 31 and describes Baxter’s decision to leave a ‘Great Value Brand’ Walmart ice cream sandwich out on the counter for 12 hours straight.

The Walmart website lists the sandwiches for a price of $2.86 for a 12-pack.

They vanilla flavor ice cream sandwich has a long list of ingredients that includes ‘sugar, corn syrup, natural flavors, cellulose gum, tara gum, carrageenan, mono-and-diglycerides, caramel color, dextrose and more.

The picture shared above made it unclear what flavor Baxter picked but one thing is for sure: she was not a fan of the product she purchased for her and her children.

“We did an experiment last night with our Good Value Brand Icecream Sandwiches from Walmart and after 12 hours of being left out on the counter the “icecream” didn’t even melt,” Baxter said.

“Makes me sick just thinking what the “icecream” is doing thru the digestive system” she added with a series of four sick-faced emojis with two of them puking.


Healthier, Organic Ice Cream Ideas

Wal-mart and other big box grocery stores and supermarkets are known for selling products with artificial and lab created ingredients like the ones listed above, underscoring the importance of buying organic and non-GMO certified ice cream brands.

Recently it was revealed that over ten different dairy brands including some ice cream companies have begun using milk in their recipes that has been created through genetic engineering and 3D-printed synthetic milk proteins (more information on which ones to avoid can be found here).

Healthier brands to purchase include Alden’s Organic, 365 Brand from Whole Foods, and SoDelicious brand coconut milk (Non-GMO) ice cream sandwiches.

If you want to avoid ice cream with much sugar in it, you can also try making your own at home using ketogenic style, organic ingredients like this recipe for Keto ice cream that includes heavy cream, butter, monk fruit, vanilla, and almond milk for extra creaminess (home made almond milk is almost always better than store bought).


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