Synthetic GMO Milk is Hitting Store Shelves Everywhere – Watch Out for These 14 Dairy Brands

GMO Cool Haus sandwiches?


Genetically modified organisms are banned in nearly 20 countries worldwide, mostly throughout Europe but also in Asian, South American and Canadian territories.

Recently a company that created 3D printed milk proteins for synthetically altered dairy products called Perfect Day was spotlighted.

These 3D printed GMO proteins have been added to a popular ice cream brand carried on grocery and health food store shelves lately.

On December 3, the non-profit organization GMO Free USA shared info on the new GMOs being added to ‘Frankenfoods’ in the dairy section of stores nationwide.

GMO Dairy: ‘When Food is No Longer Real’

The post from GMO Free USA, shown here, discusses the work of scientist John Fagan, PhD.

Fagan found 92 unknown compounds in the new, GMO “synthetic milk” added to ice cream and dairy products.

“The fake dairy and fake eggs are unique and different enough to be patented, yet there is no premarket safety testing and no GMO labeling is required,” GMO Free USA said.

“The technology used to produce this stuff is an extreme form of genetic engineering called “synthetic biology” or “synbio.”

This type of lab-made technology is being hidden under the moniker, “precision fermentation.”


Study Finds ’92 Unknown Compounds’ 

GMO Free USA released a list of 14 ice cream and other dairy products that may contain this unlabeled GMO protein, which could be a safety hazard.

Fagan found 92 unknown compounds in this “synthetic milk” that still need to be studied for safety reasons by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“This is yet another corporate attempt to use Americans as their lab rats,” GMO Free USA wrote.


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Fourteen Brands to Know While Shopping 

The fourteen brands to watch out for while shopping include the following.

-Brave Robot ice cream

-Nick’s ice cream

-Cool Haus (ice cream sandwiches)


-Strive (“fake milk”)

-Bored Cow (“”)

-Cowabunga (“”)

-Whey FWRD (“fake whey protein”)


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-JuiceLand (“smoothies/fake milk protein”)

-Apollo fake milkshake protein powder

-Modern Kitchen (“fake cream cheese”)

-Nurishh (“”)

-Renewal Mill (“vanilla cake mix with fake egg protein”)

-CO2COA (“”)

-Chocolate bars with fake milk protein (no name given, learn more about potential fake GMO chocolate bars here).


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Visit GMO Free USA’s website here for more information, or to donate. 

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