Nation of Georgia Becomes the Latest to Enact Free GMO Import Ban

Joining a slew of other countries and areas across the world that have announced bans or restrictions on genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, the nation of Georgia’s government has approved a new free GMO ban of its own.

According to the online publication Trend in this article, Georgia has become a closed area for dissemination (i.e. cultivation) of GMOs, and is now banning the imports of genetically modified seeds without a license from the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The measure was approved today and will help to create a state system of “biosafety” regulating the use of GMOs. Medications and ready-made food containing GMOs are not included, however.

More GMO Regulations Starting to Take Place

The Georgia news is just one of several GMO restrictions or bans to take place in recent months. In Serbia, Minister of Agriculture Dagan Glamocic stated this week that the country will not allow the cultivation of GMOs in its territory or in nutrition, according to this article from

Also in the EU, a GM potato variety’s approval was overturned according to this article.

Another recent victory for the GMO Freedom movement also saw GMO plantings become banned n the “Big Island” of Hawaii.

Add to these victories recent news that Connecticut signed a GMO labeling bill (one that needs support from other states, however, as this article notes) and other similar actions brewing across America and the world, and it’s safe to say that the movement for freedom from GMOs is picking up steam.

There’s still much work to be done and is an ongoing battle for awareness, especially since the mainstream media has been so quick to back the Biotech world’s narratives and talking points, but it’s worth noting that change does seem to really be on the way.


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