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Over the course of my personal and professional life I have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about different religions, healing and spiritual traditions.

I was raised Catholic, attending church at least twice per month as a kid. As I became older and got into my high school and college years I continued attending Catholic mass, oftentimes with my mother as many as three to four times per month.

During these times I became familiar with the power of prayer as well as the value of silent time. Catholic church is more than just a ceremony, it’s an event. Each mass contained different prayers, speeches and sermons and songs, along with rituals and ceremonies including the consumption of the bread and wine signifying Jesus Christ’s last meal with his disciples.

The services also included the use of healing essential oils like Frankincense and Myrrh, which are made into a holy water for use by parishioners.

These several years in Catholic church acquainted me with the power of quiet time, meditation and ceremony — traditions that I also experienced during my time with a unique group of friends later in life.

Healing with Ceremony and Intention Outside of a Church Setting


During my mid to upper 30s I became friends with several people who taught me about different types of healing ceremonies outside of the confines of church that were incredibly effective.

We often met at a close friend of mine’s house to engage in ceremonies such as guided group meditation sessions, journaling exercises, artwork, the therapeutic use of  ‘smudging’ by burning palo santo and sage, and yes, reiki and tarot card reading. The healing properties of crystals and precious gem stones were also discussed among other healing modalities and curiosities.

While it is understood that many people have apprehension about such traditions, especially those who are deeply religious and have been taught to avoid them, I personally found many of them to be incredibly healing and clarifying at times, similar to going to therapy sessions.

The downside to these sessions and therapies in my personal experience is that it is possible to “lose sight of the forest through the trees,” so to speak, which is to say that it is possible to become too fixated on the details that we become lost in minutiae of what we are doing and lose our connection to God and the Holy Spirit, becoming confused mentally instead of healing ourselves.

That is why I believe such ceremonies and healing modalities should be done with cation and supplemented with plenty of prayer and quiet time to reflect in case things become too difficult to process over time.

The inclusion of professionals or “guides” in the healing process can also be incredibly helpful, similar to shamanic traditions in indigenous cultures.

This is just my personal experience with these types of healing modalities.

Everyone heals differently and has a different personal connection with God and the divine, in my personal opinion, and it is up to us to find, and cultivate that relationship over the course of our lives to find our best results.


I personally have been reconnecting with my Christian faith, watching several different preachers and pastors on YouTube in recent months and years, and it has been incredibly enriching for me in more ways than I could possibly say in one article.

My connection to the different aforementioned spirituality and healing traditions was renewed when I saw an intriguing product on my Facebook timeline, however: a Black Walnut ‘Spiritual Cleansing Bath’ that looking like something I needed to try.

Black Walnut Cord Cutting Bath from Divine Botanica & Herbalist Blends Review

I reached out to Divine Botanica & Herbalist Blends LLC, an independent company selling Black Walnut Bath products and similar spiritual tools for the purposes of this review.

As a natural health researcher, journalist and reviewer of over a decade, I have become familiar with the cleansing properties of Black Walnut over the years. Black Walnut is a powerful remedy for cleansing the body from the inside-out.

Black Walnut may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It is packed full of Omega-3 acids which reduce inflammation and boost brain health throughout the body.

Black Walnut can expel various types of worms and parasites that may live in your intestines, giving it the ability to cleanse the body in ways many other different healing agents cannot.

This blend is designed specifically for: 

-Cord cutting (breaking a bond with other people mentally, spiritually and emotionally that you feel is not healthy for you)

-Breaking hexes (mental, spiritual, physical and emotional anxiety, confusion, frustration or other negative emotions that occurred as a result of a series of events, conversations or similar situations, typically involving other people)

-Removing blockages (different thought patterns or ideas that hold you back from reaching your true potential or moving forward in life)

-Removing stagnation (feelings of being stuck in the same place or in the same “energy” for long periods of time)

While some may be skeptical of the above types of difficulties and healing them through ceremonies or physical or spiritual cleansing, it should noted that the placebo effect is an incredibly strong factor in human health which has been proven over and over again in countless peer-reviewed studies; sometimes the mental aspect of healing is even stronger than the physical aspect (I learned a lot about this in the book ‘Impossible Cure’ by Amy L. Lansky about homeopathic medicine).



My First Impressions of the Black Walnut Cleanse

When I first opened the Black Walnut Cleanse from Divine Botanica, I was eager to drink it as fast as I could. I had been wanting to take my detoxification routine to the next level for quite some time.

I tore off the cap and poured a shot of it, drinking it down only to realize a few drinks later that it was a bath product and not an internal cleanser.

(Learn More or Try This Product By Clicking Here)

Eventually, I decided to go for it and poured myself a bath using this shower filter from Omica Organics and a mixture of hot and cold water.

The bath turned a dark brownish-black color as I anticipated the cleansing, squeaky clean feeling that would surely come next.

It came with a set of instructions as well as Bible verses for Cleansing and Purifying (the first two shown below), to my surprise and delight.

Psalm 26:6

Psalm 51:7

Breaking a Hex

Psalm 7:17:10

Protection from Oppression and Persecution

Psalm 11 and Psalm 12

Power for Strength and Protection 

Psalm 91



I love the attention to detail and handcrafted nature of this Black Walnut Bath Cleansing kit.

I also loved the invocation of Biblical verses for protection, purification and power.

As mentioned earlier, I have found in my spiritual journey that the power of ritual and ceremony is real, whether of the South American shaman, Native American shaman, or other healing and faith traditions, or simply among people who are gifted in using the power of language and ceremony to heal others.

We are all part of one divine web of human interconnectedness here on Earth, and we all have our own unique gifts to share with the world that may not always impact people in ways we expect.

As the popular saying goes, ‘God Works in Mysterious Ways.’

By maintaining a connection to the divine, you won’t get too bogged down in details and you will be able to maintain your mental health while healing in a profound way using cleanses and ceremonies like the one mentioned in this article, in my personal experience and opinion.

As the Bible also states, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

I have found this passage, in Matthew 7, to be true in my life.

It is true that we are all human and we tend to judge others and make mistakes whether we can help it or not. We do it on accident and we do it on purpose. Thankfully, we have the ability to ask God for forgiveness and to rely on each other for healing, learning, friendship, understanding, joy, happiness and protection as well so we are able to overcome our mistakes and live a blessed life.

Forgiving others via the power of spoken word, prayer, and meditation to gain clarity on how, when and why we need to forgive is the most important ceremony of all in my personal experience, which is why I do it often.

Now, back to the Bath Review. 


The combination of the Black Walnut Cleansing bath and other items included in the kit were incredibly helpful for me to heal at a physical and spiritual level.

Overall I greatly enjoyed the Black Walnut Cleansing bath and its many benefits and would purchase it again if needed.

The Bath’s ingredients include: Black Walnuts, Moon Water (that has been placed under the light of the full moon), Kananga Water (also known as Florida water, it includes the essential oil ylang ylang and aids in purification), black salt, basil, and ‘a variety of different botanicals’). 

Included is an explanation of the different emotional, spiritual, and mental challenges the Black Walnut Oil Cleansing Bath helps to heal people from and helps to break.

Overall I am a big fan of this type of healing bath product. It is especially useful if you live in a toxic environment or make “mistakes” in your day-to-day, month-to-month and week-to-week diet. If you have challenges with anxiety and mental health and need a lot of time to process your thoughts and emotions, this Cleansing Bath and other healing modalities like it can be incredibly healthy and effective.

Learn More or Purchase This Black Walnut Cleansing Bath for Less Than 25 Bucks Here (available with free shipping on The kit also comes with deep black obsidian stones for the user to feel and hold during the bath, similar to prayer beads used in various religions and faith traditions.

Special thanks to Divine Botanica, LLC for providing me with this sample Black Walnut Cleansing Bath Kit to review and enjoy. You can learn more on their Facebook page here.

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