Product Review: A Delicious Coffee Substitute for High Performers, Packed with Medicinal Mushrooms


My “unboxing” of the MUD\WTR trial drink kit.




One of the biggest areas of focus for holistic health and supplement companies nowadays is on giving consumers a choice between traditional coffee, which is loaded with caffeine, and other similar beverages that are still highly stimulating but come but in a way that provides more sustained energy.

Most of these drinks and supplements utilize the many benefits of medicinal mushrooms, which are typically known as adaptogenic herbs providing a wide range of brain health benefits, stress relief, support for memory and focus, calming effects, and much more.

One of the newest kids on the block is MUD\WTR, a health tonic the company hopes will replace your daily coffee with a blend of medicinal mushrooms, chai tea, and supplementary ingredients that ultimately contain 1/7 the caffeine of a traditional cup of coffee.

So, is MUD\WTR worth the hype?

I recently had a chance to try it, and I came away duly impressed by everything from the quality of the ingredients to the general feeling of well-being it provided, to the smooth, aftertaste-free deliciousness I was able to enjoy.

MUD\WTR Ingredients

The MUD\WTR mix, which comes in a powder packaged in a black tin, contains the following ingredients:

-Cacao: Rich in magnesium and antioxidants, cacao is excellent for relaxation and stress relief.

-Masala Chai: A coffee substitute, masala chai tea forms the foundation of this drink, providing 1/7 the typical caffeine of America’s favorite morning drink.

-Lion’s Mane: A powerful nootropic mushroom that supports memory and focus.

-Chaga: A mushroom rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and potassium.

– Reishi: An immune system booster that provides a calming effect.

-Cordyceps: Perhaps the best mushroom for energy and healthy breathing support

-Turmeric: A wonder spice known for its disease prevention abilities

-Cinnamon: High in antioxidants and beneficial for keeping blood sugar levels in check

-Himalyan Salt: Adds a boost of minerals and aids in hydration

We weren’t mad at coffee, just disappointed”

The above is the tagline for the MUD\WTR company as shown on its main sales and informational page, and as someone who has drank coffee for most of his adult life, I wholeheartedly agree.

While I love coffee and plan to continue drinking it for as long as I live, its status as America’s go-to morning drink comes with a lot of ups-and-downs, just like coffee itself.

For me personally, coffee has always been a mixed bag in terms of the effects it has on my body.

Whether organic or non-organic, drinking coffee first thing in the morning has always been something of an adventure for me. Sometimes it makes me feel like a million bucks, other times it makes me feel jittery and causes me to lose my overall feeling of well-being and strength.

After drinking it multiple days in a row, I definitely notice myself starting to become dependent on it, and the uneven health benefits it often seems to provide.

Adding spices and supplements like the ones mentioned above helps a lot, but it’s still the caffeine that causes the rollercoaster ride of focus and energy for me.



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My experience with MUD\WTR

After drinking all 30 servings of MUD\WTR, I can confidently say this is one of the best drinks of its kind that I have ever tried.

Here’s quick rundown:

Flavor profile: MUD\WTR is mild and smooth, combining the light, tingly taste of the chai with the savory, soothing taste of the cacao.

I added a little raw organic honey and/or monkfruit sweetener (it’s zero calories but really sweet with the same consistency of sugar) to the mix, and that made this drink even more delicious.

It’s not as savory as coffee, but it boasts a wide range of unique flavors all in one drink. What makes it stand out above similar drinks I’ve tried is the way the ingredients are expertly blended and crafted for a consistent flavor profile.

The MUD]WTR trial kit, which offers 30 servings for 40 bucks (a great deal in my opinion), also comes with a nifty electric USB-rechargeable frother and a packet of coconut/MCT oil based creamer which only adds to the health and brain boosting benefits of this delicious concoction.

If you’re a fan of whipping up delicious and nutritious health potions, you will absolutely love the frother and use it quite often.

Health benefits: I noticed a more consistent feeling of energy and mental clarity than I traditionally get from coffee while drinking MUD\WTR every day.

It wasn’t quite as stimulating but it was uplifting and provided sustainable energy. My only caveat is that the cacao is not as rich as I would have liked, but the many beneficial organic mushrooms in this blend make up for it.

Overall opinion: MUD\WTR is one of my favorite morning health boosters I’ve ever tried, if not my favorite. It’s packed full of nutrients and health benefits and it’s simple to make each morning: no coffee maker or French press needed; simply add hot water, stir and/or froth it up with the frother.

If you’re looking for an alternative to morning coffee for more sustainable energy and health benefits, I highly recommend giving the MUD\WTR trial kit a try.

This is definitely something I could see myself drinking every morning, from now through the foreseeable future.

You can try MUD\WTR for 15% off (plus frees shipping) using the code ALTHEALTH at checkout.

Click here to get a trial kit now and let us know what you think. Thanks for reading!


Nick Meyer Founder

Note” This review was done after receiving a sample from the company. We do not receive any compensation from MUD\WTR sales, but the discount ALTHEALTH has been made available to readers to enjoy this excellent product. 

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