Product Review: A Duo of Functional Mineral Supplements From Electron Colloidal

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Since 2012 I have spent countless thousands of dollars on health supplements and complementary holistic health therapies ranging from emotional release work to lymphatic massage, acupuncture, body scans, brain training, and more.

Sometimes, I would spend between $250 and $1,000 or more in a single session — and by the time I got done, I felt with 100% certainty in my mind, body and spirit that I had made the right choice.

As someone who has struggled with weight-related problems, brain fog, dizziness and vertigo, digestion, lack of energy, lack of motivation, depression, and countless other health challenges since I turned about 12 years old, the excitement I felt in finally solving these problems was something I will never, ever forget for the rest of my life.

Lately, I haven’t felt quite like myself; I must admit. The stresses of turning 40 years, COVID related challenges, the grief from losing friends and family members, and a feeling of being more isolated than at any other time in my life are just some of the problems that have caused the aforementioned health problems to crop back up from time-to-time.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try two health supplements from a company called Electron Colloidal that reminded me of a keystone type of supplement I hadn’t tried in several years — only these supplements are a lot less expensive and offer more specific health benefits than the ones I tried in the past.


Electron Colloidal Iridium 

The supplements came from a company called Electron Colloidal, based in Buffalo, New York.

When I first tried these supplements I instinctively remembered the colloidal mineral drinks I used to purchase from my naturopath. Such drinks are formulated to provide liquid, plant-derived minerals that are readily absorbed by the body to quickly bring energy and vitality levels back to normal and beyond. Similar to electrolytes (but more potent in my experience), these colloidal mineral supplements usually ran me about $60.00 to $70.00. They were worth every penny. They brought my energy and vitality levels up to places never-before-seen and allowed me to excel at the sports and activities like basketball, kayaking, yoga, hiking, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that I loved so much.

Fast forward about six or seven years and I had the opportunity to try Colloidal Iridium from Electron Colloidals.

I had heard of Iridium before prior to taking this supplement, but wasn’t quite sure what benefits it provided. Iridium is said to help in the following ways:

-Improves cellular metabolism

-Enhances creativity and mental acuity

-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

-Promotes healthy tissue regeneration

-Supports normal cell function

And more.

Upon taking this mineral blend in water for over a week I noticed several changes. I felt more energy, calmness and vitality than usual and I seemed to easily move from task-to-task without needing a break as I did before.

I even got up and went hiking at 5:30 in the morning at a local riverside park, something I rarely ever do. This mineral supplement definitely helps in a lot of ways, and its price point is lower than other similarly crafted, high quality mineral supplements I’ve used over the years.

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*For those wondering, the word colloidal comes from the root word colloid, which means the following according to

“A homogeneous noncrystalline substance consisting of large molecules or ultramicroscopic particles of one substance dispersed through a second substance. Colloids include gels, sols, and emulsions; the particles do not settle, and cannot be separated out by ordinary filtering or centrifuging like those in a suspension.”

In Leyman’s terms, colloidal minerals in liquid solutions have a uniform texture that allows for enhanced absorption and concentrated, beneficial health effects for those who drink them.


Electron Colloidal Zinc 

Zinc has been a popular supplement in recent years as it helps to fortify the body against stress. This mineral is widely known as an immune system booster. It also helps with metabolism and promotes healthy skin with anti-inflammatory effects against several disorders including Eczema, melasma, roseacea and other skin problems.

It protects against free radicals and outfits athletes with stamina and strength to take on challenges. It’s also vital for healthy energy levels, healthy hair, skin, and nails, and much more.

This product contains only pure water and Zinc nanoparticles.

Overall I felt an increased level of vitality and calmness while taking this product in water morning and night along with the Colloidal Iridium mentioned above.

This product is less than $20.00 and can be purchased on a one-time or subscription-based plan.

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Final Thoughts 

Overall I greatly appreciated the thoughtful and scientific way these products were created with maximum absorption and benefits in mind. The price point is lower than most other similar products but these are formulated in a different type of way consistent with the most effective mineral supplements I have tried.

More information can be found on the Electron Colloidal website here.

You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking on this link.

Thanks as always for reading!

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