California Biotech Company Creates ‘GMO Avocadoes That Won’t Spoil’ — Here’s What You Need to Know

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Avocadoes are one of the healthiest foods a human being could possibly eat. Widely known as a source of “good fats,” namely of the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated variety, avocadoes have become one of the most popular health foods in the world.

Many people consider avocadoes to be a vegetable, but they are actually one of the rare fruits that is rich in healthy fats along with coconuts.

The health benefits of avocadoes are unquestioned, but one particular aspect of this healthy food has long been deemed frustrating by those who consume them: their relatively quick spoiling time.

California Company Creates GMO Non-Spoiling Avocadoes

This issue of convenience has been taken on by a California company called GreenVenus, according to a new post from the non-profit GMO Free USA.

According the post, GreenVenus has created the new experimental avocadoes using gene editing, a technology that has been called “more precise” than traditional GMOs that has been linked in some research to unintended mutations causing cancer.

The company’s stated goals are also follows according Walter Viss, the vice president of cell biology and strategy at GreenVenus.

“To reduce waste…Extend post-harvest shelf life…Relieve consumer worries about browning.”


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Will GMO Avocadoes Become a Success in U.S. Markets?

According to GMO Free USA, what Viss fails to mention is that the company’s GMO avocadoes showed signs of nutritional degradation in initial testing.

In addition, there are question marks surrounding whether the novel, lab-created avocadoes will be labeled as being GMO on store shelves or whether they will enter the market without GMO labels like the recently created non-browning GMO apples from the Arctic Apples company.

If recent history is any indication, the company will not conduct long-term safety testing and will instead try to rush GMO apples to market, unlabeled.

If that is indeed the case, it shows once again that these GMO companies have a lot to hide and are not willing to be forthcoming with consumers.

As the recently unveiled database of GMO studies showing harmful side effects to humans and animals alike has demonstrated, that could be a huge problem for consumers who unwillingly buy these GMO experiments.

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