Product Review: A Line of Decadent, Coconut Cream Based Pudding Dessert — High in Healthy Fat, Low on Calories


Pudding cups are one of my favorite childhood snack foods, but they never seemed to include the most healthy ingredients.

Thankfully, they didn’t make me feel lethargic at times like toaster strudels and Pop-Tarts.

But they weren’t exactly a health food.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample a line of pudding cups that taste the way pudding cups should have been from made from the very beginning — and going by pure taste, these are among the most enjoyable foods I’ve eaten in years.

Bon Devil Pudding Cups Review 

bon devil pudding cups

The first thing I noticed about these pudding cups was the unique artwork on the outside of the box.

The company’s box artwork looks like it was designed by a tattoo artist, with slogans like ‘Unguilty Pleasure’ emblazoned on the outside of several different logos and font styles.

The tagline also includes a funny slogan I got a kick out of: ‘No Evil GMOs.’

Ingredients-wise, the chocolate ones shown here include the following:

-Coconut Cream

-Dark Chocolate



-Tapioca Starch

And more…

Other flavors include high quality ingredients like brown sugar and carob powder.

As someone who hasn’t gotten enough healthy fats in his diet in recent years, I love that coconut cream is the first ingredient here.

These are nourishing and one of the most delicious snacks I’ve eaten in recent memory, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who spends large amounts of his paycheck at the health food store.

They’re not for everyone because of their refined sugar content, but they certainly are enjoyable.

Ingredients Pros: 

-Healthy fats from coconut cream

-Dark chocolate and carob among healthy ingredients

-Tastes amazing

-Great flavors including chocolate ganache, salted caramel and caramelized banana

Ingredients Cons: 

-Fairly high amount of brown sugar and/or white sugar

-Ingredients aren’t organic

-Uses natural flavors instead of real vanilla for example

Final Thoughts on Bon Devil Pudding Cups 

bon devil pudding cups

Overall, I am big fan of these pudding cups, although they should be considered more of a healthy-ish snack than something a “certified health nut” would eat on a consistent basis.

They taste like a decadent dessert but fueled me up with healthy fats the likes of which I am not able to include in my diet often.

Even though my fridge is filled with is about 80 to 90% organic food at any given time, I would definitely go out of my way to buy these if I saw them in the health food store or supermarket and the price was right.

For more information or to purchase Bon Devil pudding cups, visit their website at

Special thanks to Bon-Devil for sharing these pudding cups with me for review purposes! 

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