AltHealthWorks Review: A Line of Specialized CBD Products for Recovery from MuscleMX of Utah


As far as nutritional supplements go, there are few that I enjoy more than CBD oil, a product derived from cannabis that helps to provide an instantly noticeable and long-lasting calming effect, among several other health benefits.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to check out some high quality and uniquely specialized CBD products from the company MuscleMX, which is based out of Utah and was co-founded by the duo of Michael Baghoomian and Kami Pietz.

The products were originally designed for athletes as well as hikers and others who enjoy the great outdoors, with recovery and reducing inflammation in mind.


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Based on my own personal estimation of these products, I consider MuscleMX to be a high quality supplement company well worth checking out if you’re looking for something to ease the sting and lingering effects of your workouts, or the physical and mental challenges of everyday life.

However, the prices are a bit high on the CBD drops, so I would consider looking into the topical balms if you’re on a budget.

The two main products I tried from MuscleMX are:

1. 1000 Mg CBD Drops – Relax: I took these in a “quarantine” situation here in Michigan during a highly stressful time in my life, and they worked like a charm.

These drops really did help me relax significantly and are one of the most effective CBD products I’ve tried to date. I really liked the caramel flavor as well, which is light yet enjoyable and is sweetened with stevia.

This tincture also contains MCT oil, which provides medium-chain fatty acids for improved brain function, as well as ashwagandha, which helps to fight stress and supports the brain as well.

Check out the CBD ‘Relax’ Drops from MuscleMX here (the company ships to all 50 states).

2. 1000 Mg CBD Drops – Immune: With zinc, B vitamins and elderberry, this mixture is well equipped to fortify the immune system against many common and well known conditions.

The CBD in this mixture helps bring home the health benefits as well by invoking a relaxing feeling.

This blend has a tropical flavor, which was fairly strong and tasted okay but not as good as the Relax caramel flavor.

Overall this is a powerful blend, but you may want to price check it against similar formulas because of its high price point.

Learn more at the MuscleMX website here.


I also tried a small sample of CBD relaxation gummies that were delicious and quite calming. Check those out here.

Final Thoughts on MuscleMX’s CBD Tinctures and Blends:

Overall, these are quality products that helped me tremendously during a highly stressful time.

In terms of the company’s growing techniques, the website CBD Daily found via an email that their hemp is grown in Kentucky, Washington and Colorado. The hemp is also tested for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals and microbials, although no information on results is listed on its website currently as a link appears to be missing.


If you purchase the products, you do have the ability to scan a QR code to get this information; unfortunately I was not able to do that before rapidly consuming these health and relaxation boosting products.

If you’re curious about MuscleMX, check out their website one more time by clicking here. I personally would check out their topical CBD balms if I were purchasing from them directly, as they are significantly lower in price (less than 15 dollars for this particular recovery balm).

This article was written based on a product sample provided by the company. We do not earn any commissions on sales of this product. Read our full disclaimer here

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