Product Review: A Special Kind of Grass-Fed Whey Protein Cookies From Naked Nutrition


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Like many health nuts, I first became interested in health through the world of traditional fitness, weight lifting, and traditional supplements, especially of the protein-packed variety.

Eventually, my interest led me to the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio, where I gorged myself on free protein powder samples and even discovered natural remedies and supplements for the first time ever, thanks to a small booth offering chia seed and green juice samples.

One of the first things I began to notice at this Halloween-style fitness expo slash party was that most of the protein powders I sampled were packed full of ingredients I didn’t want going into my body: artificial sweeteners like aspartame, Splenda and acesulfame potassium, artificial colors linked to hyperactivity and other health problems, and other problematic ingredients.

Since then, I began going down a more natural path of healthy living, which eschewed ingredients like those above but leans heavily on organic whole foods including fruits, vegetables, fats and pasture-raised meats, as well as a targeted array of detox and body building supplements like healthy protein powders.

Grass-fed whey is one of my favorite protein supplements to use before and after difficult workouts, which is just part of the reason why I am a fan of Naked Nutrition’s line of products.

Naked Nutrition utilizes whey from grass-fed California cows that are allowed to graze on open pastures for much longer than cows from Wisconsin and other cold climate states; just one of the benefits of their protein supplements that is worth writing home about.

Recently, I had the chance to try their new protein cookies packed with grass-fed whey.



Here is what stood out to me:

1. Grass-fed whey- As mentioned above, the grass fed whey utilized by this company is of high quality for multiple reasons. These cookies include a combination of this whey and defatted almond powder as the first two ingredients.

2. High quality ingredients- These cookies include organic vegetable glycerin, grass-fed whey, monk fruit juice, baking soda, and other high quality ingredients, which you can read about on the company’s website here.

Overall I am a fan of the ingredients in these cookies, although I wish they had more organic ingredients. They are non-GMO, however, and the cookies contain only one gram of sugar from the monk fruit making them a solid choice for low-sugar diets.

3. The price- At 17.99 for 9 cookies, these aren’t a bad deal at all. They are great to grab on the way to a morning or late afternoon workout, satisfying and delicious.

They also include almond butter, soluble non-GMO corn fiber and maltodextrin (excellent for post-workout muscle repairing fuel), which make for a well-rounded snack for any serious weight lifter or athlete.

4. The flavors- I tried the chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, and they tasted as close to “regular” cookies as I have ever tried in a “healthy cookie.”

The company also recently came out with sugar cookies as well that look quite delicious.

naked cookies


Naked Nutrition Protein Cookies: The Final Verdict

As if the case with most Naked Nutrition products I have tried, these are both delicious and nutritious, and the grass fed whey is the star of the show in this case.

I really like the Naked Nutrition line of products, and these are among the tastiest and most convenient items I have tried from them.

Overall, I would recommend these cookies if you’re looking for something to fuel your daily workouts and a change of pace from traditional protein powder, although, again, I wish they they used more organic ingredients in this case (some of their other products like the organic rice protein and grass fed chocolate whey use a higher percentage of organic ingredients).

If you’d like to learn more or check out these cookies, check out the Naked Nutrition website by clicking on this link.

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to message me on my Facebook page here to learn more about my favorite supplements including protein powders, snacks, mineral supplements, detox supplements and more.

This review was based on a sample provided by the Naked Nutrition company. For more info, check out the AltHealthWorks Facebook page here.

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