Product Review: A Uniquely Pure and Antioxidant-Rich Hydrogen Water From a California-Based Company

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There are many different kinds of specialty waters on the market today, ranging from alkaline water to mineral water to reverse osmosis-filtered water, distilled water and more.

One of the newest types of “superwater” on the market is hydrogen water.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try this type of water from a company called ELEVATE, and definitely came away impressed.


Hydrogen Water and How it Differs From Regular Water 

Hydrogen water is water with extra hydrogen added to it from an outside source.

This type of water is said to have benefits ranging from more anti-inflammatory properties to increased energy for those who drink it, increased recovery following a workout, considerable antioxidant and disease-fighting properties, and anti-aging benefits as well.

I personally have been drinking many different types of water over the years and ELEVATE water contains similar properties to some of my favorites I have tried in the past.

ELEVATE “superwater” is sourced from natural springs, giving it an incredibly pure and clean taste while not sacrificing mineral content fully like distilled water is known for doing.

It has the highest hydrogen content of any hydrogen water according to its website, and it has a highly alkaline pH of 9.5.

While drinking this water, I was reminded of the distilled water I used to drink from my former roommate’s distiller because of how pure and clean it tasted, as well as the alkalized water I used to drink from the ionizer he had as well.

During this time, my health was as good as it ever was and my energy levels were extraordinarily high. My lymphatic system seemed to work much better than usual as well.

Since 2007, over 1,500 peer-reviewed studies have been undertaken on the benefits of hydrogen, and I started feeling the benefits after more than a week of drinking this water.


If I could afford one, I would definitely buy a water ionizer again while distilled water is excellent in moderation in my personal opinion.

In comparison, I really like ELEVATE water a lot.

I could see myself drinking this everyday and experiencing and enjoying incredible health benefits as a result.

So far, I have had about 12 to 15 bottles and I am definitely noticing an improvement in my energy levels, hydration, and alkaline state.

I would recommend this water to anyone who wants to try something different, and who wants to drink a type of water that has the cleanest and purest feeling and taste imaginable.

More info can be found on ELEVATE’s website by clicking here.

The company sells its water in 15-packs, and two new-fruit-infused flavors are coming soon.

Special thanks to the company for providing these samples!

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