First Day Organic Multivitamins and Adult Daily Flex Joint Support Review

first day men's organic multivitamin review


The world of multi-vitamins is a complicated one.

For most people, the topic of which ones to purchase and which ones to avoid almost never comes up.

When I was a kid, I was told by the local family physician that I had nutritional deficiencies, but little else was said beyond that.

I know I was low in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and other key vitamins, and I received only one prescription: Flintstones chewable vitamins.

With their not-so-pleasant chalky taste and rough texture, these vitamins were the ones I took during most of my childhood.

Later on, as I learned more about multi-vitamins, I learned that many of the big box supplement companies aren’t so healthy after all, as they source their ingredients from genetically modified corn and other unsavory, glyphosate-laced sources while also including artificial colors, flavors, and similar additives that are far from healthy.

They also often contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

One of the better vitamin companies I have tried in recent months is First Day, a brand that includes organic fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamins from non-GMO sources, in their products.

Among the products I tried were the men’s multi-vitamin as well as the Adult Joint Support formula, which includes several nutrients that I have sampled before for the same purpose (and other purposes).

Overall, I really enjoyed both of these supplements.

Below are my impressions on the taste, ingredients, and other aspects of these First Day products.


First Day Men’s Multi-Vitamin: Great Taste, Quality Nutrition 

First Day is a company that has been featured in many national media outlets with the goal of making organic vitamins more accessible.

The men’s multi-vitamin comes in a really unique plastic twist-top case with unique artwork.

The product is made in Germany, and sold on the First Day website here.

Overall, I really enjoyed the fruity taste of these vitamins.

Looking at the nutritional profile, this vitamin includes a full assortment of non-GMO vitamins and is partially made from organic fruits and vegetables.

Some of the standout nutrients not often found in many mainstream vitamins include Vitamin K (a co-factor to one of the most important vitamins on the entire spectrum, Biotin (great for hair, skin and nails), an assortment of four different B vitamins, and Vitamin D3 from lichens instead of the usual cholecalciferol most multi-vitamins contain.

Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of this supplement in my book:


-Lots of nutrients

-Organic fruit and vegetable blend

-Vitamins not from GMO sources


-Contains cane sugar (three grams of sugar in each vitamin; it’s hard to tell how much is from the sugar and how much is from the fruit and vegetable sources)

-No info is given as to the source of the fruits and vegetables or which ones are included

-Contains natural colors and flavors. Oftentimes these are sourced from organic whole food or herb sources, but no further information is given on the label regarding this particular supplement

Learn more about these vitamins or make a purchase here.


First Day Adults Daily Flex Joint Support

first day joint support formula

As you can see from the picture above, the container of my First Day Adults Daily Flex Joint Support supplement was stained with a yellow substance, in this case the turmeric that gives these little capsules their color.

This particular supplement is really well designed in my personal opinion.

I love the the four main ingredients for joint support.

They are: glucosamine HCL, a patented extract of Boswellia serrata, as known as Indiana frankincense, MSM (an incredible healing compound that helps to support joint function, is used for repairing cartilage, tendons and boosts hair growth), and TurmXTRA, a patented turmeric extract.

The Frankincense in this supplement has an incredibly rich and fragrant scent which is just part of how I knew this supplement was high quality.


First Day has created a highly concentrated supplement with nutrients that are hard to find in tandem but incredibly useful for joint health, as well as reducing and eliminating inflammation.

One thing I love about it is I can get my daily dose of MSM without having to taste it.

Also, anything with Frankincense in it is automatically a winner in my book.

Learn more or purchase the First Day Joint Support supplement on the First Day website by clicking here.

Special thanks to First Day for providing these supplements for review purposes. 


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