Product Review: An Assortment of Unique Beauty and Skincare Products From Elina Organics

Elina Organics makes skincare and beauty products with some of the most unique ingredients I've ever seen and used in my life.


The world of skincare and organic beauty products are two things I didn’t know a whole lot about until the last few years.

Skincare wise, the biggest problem I had was acne in my teenage years. I began slathering my skin with unnatural ingredients like salicylic acid, a medicated topical cream that is added in large amounts to over-the-counter acne ‘erasing’ products.

The results I got were uneven to say the least. Oftentimes my skin would break out in rashes. The acne would go away one day and come back a day or two later.

Eventually I began taking better care of my skin from the inside-out, which eventually made my acne disappear for good. The scars on the left side of my face have remained although they have faded considerably over the years, sticking around as a reminder of the importance of a healthy diet and healthy skincare routine with natural and organic ingredients instead of chemicals.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try products from a company called Elina Organics. This Kalamazoo, Michigan based company produces some of the most exciting and unique organic, holistic skincare and beauty products I have ever tried in my life.

Here are my impressions after trying them for over a month.

Elina Organics Oceanic Acne Defense Lotion- 

This is perhaps the most unique product I tried from Elina Organics.

It contains ingredients you’ve probably never seen in skincare products before, all of them organic and botanical.

They are:

Caribbean Sponge Extracts and Spicules- 

Spicules are tiny, microscopic need-like structures found in sponges. They improve hyperpigmentation, reduce wrinkles, and possess antibacterial properties that aid in the fight against acne. They also help to improve the turnover process of dead skin cells.

Chondrilla Nucula- 

A type of sponge that possesses antibacterial qualities.

Marine and Caribbean Sponges- 

There are three types of sponges in this product that help to improve acne scars and restore skin among other beneficial properties. More information can be found here.

Vitamin A- 

The precursor to Retinol. Helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.


My thoughts on this product is that I felt it working immediately. I didn’t have any hyperpigmentation issues which is something this particular product works to heal quickly, but I did have issues with tired-feeling, drab looking skin.

I felt a tingle in my pores as this product went to work. A high-end skincare product to say the least with great ingredients.

Learn more or try it here


Elina Organics Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion-

This facial serum is also shown in the picture above.

It’s cheaper than the acne product and is part of a three-part system from Elina Organics.

The first part of the system is the Oceanic Resurfacing Mask.

The Cooling Infusion product also contains tiny marine sponges, as well as fermented sea kelp and vegetable glycerin.

It does exactly what it says when applied to the skin, providing an instant cooling effect similar to witch hazel. This product is chemical-free and promotes collagen production inside the skin.

Learn more or try it here



The Elina Organics product line features some interesting stuff like the Sahara Souffle and the Baikal Crystal Eye Infusion.

Baikal Crystal Eye Infusion and Sahara Souffle’- 

I also received two tiny samples of the Baikal Crystal Eye Infusion and Sahara Souffle products from Elina Organics.

The Baikal Crystal Eye Infusion was my favorite product that I tried. It has a type of freshwater sponge in it along with several different herbals and the rare tremella mushroom.

It does wonders for under-eye bags and dark circles. On my face it practically eliminated them overnight.

This is also much more expensive than the other two products when purchased in a full sized container, but there’s no denying that this stuff works in my experience.

Learn more or try it here


The Sahara Souffle’ product contains camel’s milk and beeswax along with prized herbal ingredients like Frankincense.

It works to smooth out complexion while hydrating and nourishing the skin.

My first impression of this product was that it smelled absolutely divine. Camel milk is incredibly nourishing and this has a great combination of ingredients if you’re looking for something to improve your overall complexion.

Learn more or try it here


Final Thoughts on Elina Organics Skincare

My first thought on these products is one word: Wow.

They work incredibly well, I just wish I had them in larger sizes. I could tell they worked well from the first time I used them which is why I decided to ration them.

Now that this review is completed, I am excited to use the rest of the products I still have on hand.

These products are incredibly upscale and unique and belong in a high end mall somewhere.

For now, you can find them online at, and find them on Facebook by visiting this link.

Special thanks to Elina Organics for sharing their incredible products with me! If you want something that works fast, be sure to check them out!




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