Product Review: An Authentic, Relaxing Kava Experience From Luv4Kava

The product '4theLoveofKava' is an exceptional Kava Kava drink with health benefits for all lifestyles and types of drinkers.


Fiji is a mystical, magical place we often see depicted on the product labels of drinks (Fiji Artesian water), in movies (‘The Truman Show’) and in other arenas of public life.

One of the best health products to come from the archipelago of more than 330 islands is Kava Kava, the traditional national drink of the people who live on this incredible island paradise.

I first familiarized myself with Kava Kava through Kava Kava capsules for medicinal use and then at Kava Kava cafes in the middle part of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico, at various locations in St. Petersburg.

Recently I got the opportunity to try some authentic Kava Kava from the company 4 The Luv of Kava, and came away incredible impressed.

Kava Kava For the Discerning Palette 

Upon first receiving this Kava in the mail I immediately checked the back of the bag to see how it was supposed to be prepared.

What I found was that this particular Kava needed a Kava straining bag (find them on Amazon here), which helps to separate the finer parts of the Kava from the sticks and Earthy parts that you don’t want floating around in your drink.

This is the Kava Strainer Bag I use – Find It Here

To make this Kava at home, I first poured about four cups of filtered water into a large wooden bowl (like this one).

Then, I poured the 4 the Luv of Kava Kava root powder into the strainer bag and began to need it into the water in my wooden bowl.

What resulted was fragrant, light brown liquid with an Earthy scent that reminded me very much of the pre-made Kava I purchased at Floridian Kava Kava bars.

All things considered, this Kava Kava is authentic and has health benefits you can smell, taste and feel immediately.

Try 4 the Luv of Kava Kava Here

Drinking this Kava gave me a relaxing buzz. It calmed me down instantly but also kept me alert, focused and productive for hours.

Simply put, this is the best Kava Kava I have ever tried.

This stuff is so good I could open my own Kava Kava cafe selling only this Kava, and my customers would absolutely love me for it.

Kava Kava Flavor Profile

Flavor-wise, Kava Kava has an earthy scent and taste with a slight tingly-ness that most likely accounts for the ‘buzz’ you get while drinking it.

I sweetened my third cup with a little bit of raw honey which made for a delightful tasting drink.

The sweetness finishing at the end along with the Earthy flavors of the Kava was exceptional.

I enjoy Kava Kava without sweetener, but it all depends on your taste palette.

If you’d like to try this Kava Kava for yourself, check out the 4 the Luv of Kava website – Here.



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