Product Review: Cacao Tea and Cacao Hot Chocolate From the Dite Cacao Company

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Cacao is something that is well known in dark chocolate and other candies, and it has a wide variety of health benefits that are just now being discovered by holistic and naturopathic minded doctors.

Organic cacao drinks are not nearly as popular as coffee, but they are quite popular in Caribbean countries and have recently become widely adopted by fans of holistic health in the United States.

One company that is doing cacao tea and cacao drinks, and doing them right, is Dite Cacao, which has a stated goal of ‘Bringing Health, Conscious Living to the World, One Cup at a Time.’

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a selection of their cacao tea and hot cacao drinks, and came away quite impressed, to say the very least.

Cacao Tea Drinks Are Healthy and Delicious 


The company gave me the chance to try two main categories of their signature health drinks: cacao tea and roasted, ground cacao. 

The cacao tea is traditionally drank in Caribbean countries and has a lighter flavor than the roasted cacao drinks.

If you’re a fan of light chocolatey tastes and different, unique types of tea you will definitely enjoy this drink.

It is made from organic cacao husk, is organically grown in St. Lucia, and combines cacao shells and nibs for a light, relaxing and soothing chocolatey taste.

You can make it richer by adding milk or plant-based milk, but I drank it straight up. It was a nice change of pace from regular ground cacao drinks, and offers benefits for relaxation (magnesium) and immunity (antioxidants).

Purchase organic cacao tea From Dite Cacao here

cacao tea from Dite Cacao review

Roast Cacao Offers a Richer Flavor With Great Health Benefits


If you’re looking for a richer, more nutrient and mineral packed drink, the organic roast cacao drinks from Dite are among the best I have ever had in their category.

Their cacao is the perfect richness and thickness compared to other brands I’ve had.

I also love how they have four varieties of organic hot, roasted cacao:

Cinnamon and Vanilla Blend

Cinnamon and Bay Leaves Blend (my personal favorite)

Cinnamon and Nutmeg Blend

Traditional Roasted Cacao

The company also offers a Sea Moss blend (a mineral rich algae), as well as roasted cacao and vanilla without cinnamon.

These cacao drinks are rich in flavor, magnesium, and polyphenols, along with the many health benefits of the spices they contain (for example cinnamon is great for balancing your blood sugar which means you can add sweetener to your cacao blend and enjoy the taste while feeling better about it).

Overall, I would rate Dite Cacao’s products a perfect five out of five stars. 

From the pricing to the taste to the richness of flavor, these cacao drinks are as good as it gets on the market today.

If you’d like to try them, check out their online shop here, or send them an email at

Special thanks to Dite Cacao for sending me these delicious drinks to try, along with their awesome cacao mugs! 

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