Product Review: Delicious Organic Veggie Burgers Made From Lentils, Chickpeas, and Other Healthy Ingredients

NoBull Veggie Burgers


It’s no secret among organic and non-GMO health enthusiasts that veggie burgers are one of the most difficult foods to find with healthy ingredients.

Many vegetarian substitute products contain genetically modified ingredients including GMO soy, GMO canola oil, and other things that few people would ever voluntarily add to their plates if the product didn’t say “vegan” on the packaging.

Recently I had the opportunity to try what are probably my favorite veggie burgers of all-time: three selections from ‘NoBull,’ also known as ‘The True Veggie Burger.’


Previously, my favorite veggie burger was a selection of organic products from the company ‘Qrunch,’ made from quinoa and other delicious organic ingredients.

After scoping out the ingredients on these veggie burgers, I knew I had found something with the potential to rival those now-defunct vegan burgers.

The veggie burgers from NoBull are made with: 

-Organic Lentils as the first ingredient

-Organic Brown Rice

-Organic Quinoa


-Organic Chickpea Flour

-Organic Spinach

-White Mushrooms

-Shiitake Mushrooms

-Non-GMO Tamari

-Chia Seeds

-Granulated Garlic

-Available at Whole Foods and other natural grocers (more info on their website here)



Pros of NoBull Veggie Burgers

-Taste is savory, nourishing and delicious with a robust flavor

-Satisfying and relatively filling compared to other veggie burgers

-Are rich in Vitamins

-Go well in any number of recipes including salads, pasta and tacos

-Contain excellent ingredients; some of the most nourishing and delicious veggies you can find

-Great flavors including Madras Curry and Savory Mushroom (original tastes great too)


Cons of NoBull Veggie Burgers

-Contains a bit of soy (non-GMO)

-Soy is not organic or fermented

-A bit pricey ($5.99 for two burgers)



Final Thoughts on NoBull Veggie Burgers


If you’re someone looking for a relatively healthy and delicious veggie burger you can’t go wrong with these frozen burgers. I love how lentils are the first ingredient as they are one of the most satisfying and non-inflammatory legumes available to eat.

Overall I really enjoyed eating these and consider them far superior to similar products.

I just wish they used fully organic ingredients and came with more than two burgers in each pack.

Learn more or purchase NoBull veggie burgers here

Find them on Facebook by clicking on this link

Buy NoBull burgers by clicking on this link

Special thanks to NoBull for providing me with samples for the purposes of this review. 


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