“This Cancer Does Not Belong in My Body:” Man Radically Changes Diet, Heals Leukemia in Two Simple Steps


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The way the modern medical system attempts to heal cancer is a barbaric at worst, woefully expensive and wasteful at best, especially considering the harsh side effects that come with many modern day treatments like radiation and chemotherapy.

One of the most bewitching ailments of all is leukemia, which often requires even more complex treatments that don’t always have the best succcess rates.

When it comes to leukemia, there are few options out there for natural healing protocols, and even fewer survivors out there who did it the natural way.

But recently one of the up-and-coming leaders of the natural health movement, Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer (and the Square One Cancer Coaching Program) tracked down one natural leukemia survivor by the name of David, who shared his remarkable story of heealing.

It all centered around his faith in God first and foremost, along with a dietary change most would consider “radical,” as well as the use of a tried-and-true method from one of the natural cancer healing world’s most celebrated advocates, Johanna Budwig.


Forty-Year Diabetic Heals Leukemia With Two Simple Changes

As shown in the video (which can be viewed below), the diagnosis came as a bit of a shock to the man, a forty-year old Type 1 diabetic named David Lingle who didn’t find out the former disease until suffering the one-two punch of also being given a leukemia diagnosis.

The official name for his condition was chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), which he was originally diagnosed with on October 31, 2011 according to Wark’s website.

Given the severity and lack of success in treating leukemia, you would think David would react with fear and consternation upon hearing the news.

Instead, he relied on his faith in God and attacked it head-on with juicing, an 80% raw vegan diet, and the Budwig protocol, a simple two-ingredient recipe of flaxseed and cottage cheese (click here to learn more) that has been used to great success by many cancer patients.

“I made my mind up at that time, I said alright, God, I said this cancer (doesn’t) belong in my body, I said, ‘I’m going to get it out,’” Lingle says to Wark in the video below.


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He switched his diet up radically by starting a juicing protocol the day after being diagnosed, rotating the juicing with barley grass.

His diet was 80 percent raw vegan, and he eventually mixed in the cottage cheese and flaxseed protocol in order to avoid dropping too much weight, he says to Wark.

In simpler terms, he also followed the The Hallelujah Diet, which describes itself as a Biblically based and Scientifically Validated approach to pure and clean natural living, including raw living foods, plenty of sunlight, movement, and a focus on breathing, stress-free living and emotional balance.

Through it all, Lingle’s faith never wavered, and two years later in his interview with Wark, he was proud to proclaim himself cancer-free, despite eschewing modern medical treatments for his life-threatening leukemia.

David also credited his wife Brenda for her support, saying she ate basically the same diet that he did.

You can check out the video from Wark’s YouTube channel below:



Other Items Lingle Used to Heal Leukemia

Also used by Lingle were the following:

Maitake Gold or Maitake D-Fraction capsules in the morning. These mushroom-based supplements helped to build the immune system, he said according to Wark.

-2 tablespoons of Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Powder

-1 tablespoon New Zealand Barley Grass Powder

-Lots of juicing with the Green Star Juicer, a cold-press machine that makes juicing and cleanup easy (although this is a high end model it is well worth the price). Organic is always recommended, but even non-organic produce  can be turned into a better quality juice with a cold-press machine like this one.

And multiple other supplements, which can be viewed by clicking on Wark’s blog post here.

What Lingle’s Story Can Teach Us About Leukemia

Each year, an estimated 20,000+ people will be diagnosed with the type of leukemia Lingle had, and while it is an extremely harsh disease the survival rate over five years is surprisingly high at 83% according to Cancer.net.

Most notably however is the way Lingle healed his own leukemia: through the power of belief, faith in God and belief in his own ability to will himself back to health.

So many people start off their healing journeys on the right path only to be sucked back into a world of temptation and unhealthy junk food.

As David’s story showed, it takes a total commitment to doing things the right way in order to heal, and having a partner as he did with his wife Brenda can make the biggest difference in the world.

For more information, be sure to check out the full blog post here and to support Wark’s work in showcasing some of the most promising and ground-breaking natural health stories on the Web.

Thank you for reading!

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. For more information, consult a naturopathic doctor first. You can find organic barley grass by clicking on this link

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