Six Ingeniously Healthy Boosts to Add to Your Next Smoothie


A hearty green smoothie or other organic mix is hard to beat for nutrition and cleansing on its own, but you can always reach a bit higher.

It’s easy to remember to buy the kale, the apples, the cucumbers, the spinach, parsley, cilantro and all of the other favorites for juicing and smoothie-making, but here’s a word to the wise: Don’t forget the extras!

I was never a big smoothie drinker during my younger days, as they always seemed like a luxury item reserved for the wealthier Orange County, California set or similar “health nuts,” not for the every day person. I remember the smoothie bar at the mall serving up fruit and vegetable drinks and the extras offered including bee pollen, flax and other curious items I’d never heard about (and had no clue about how they might benefit my health).

Nowadays more and more people are working extra boosts of nutrition into their own smoothies. Here are six items that I’m quite fond of for making my own at home:

Cayenne Pepper- A little spiciness is never a bad thing; just make sure you’re adding it to the right drink. Cayenne pepper goes great in cleansing drinks that are water or coconut water, lemon and/or cucumber-based, and adds a bevy of health benefits. It also works well in a variety of green juices.

Cayenne will help to boost circulation throughout the body, aids in digestive problems, speeds up metabolism and much more. I keep some from the Simply Organic product line on hand (click here to try) and use it often.

Ginger- One tiny (2-3 cm) chunk of ginger can add an excellent kick of flavor to any juice or smoothie. It’s also great for digestion, cold and flu prevention, migraine relief and much more, and it will last for a surprisingly long time so you can continually add it to your smoothies each day. It’s one of the best anti-inflammatory spices out there.


Natural Calm Magnesium Powder- Like most truly health-conscious people, I’m a former big-time soda drinker who’s been looking to find that satisfying fizz ever since. I don’t crave it that much because I’m too busy feeling good by nourishing my cells, but whenever I do want to scratch that itch, I reach for the Natural Calm.

Magnesium is a vital nutrient (so vital that it may be necessary to prevent serious cardiac incidents) and most of us are deficient. This fizzy powder (flavored organically) mixes impeccably well with smoothies, offers several flavors (all delicious to me) and one container will last you quite a while. It’s easily one of my favorite supplements.

You can try Natural Calm by clicking here.

Bee Pollen- I mentioned it above, and it’s certainly one of the most nutritionally dense smoothie additions/boosts you can add. The taste is a bit chalky and the price can often be high to get good quality bee pollen, but it’s worth it.

Local bee pollen is excellent for building immunity to allergies, is effective against acne and age spots, improves oxygen-rich red blood cell counts and is an excellent muscle builder. Learn more about bee pollen here, and make sure you get it from an organic source.

The THRIVE Health Program begins this January with health coach Derek Henry, who has healed over 13 chronic diseases naturally. Click here to learn more or sign up today!

Goji Berries- Many people eat these ancient Chinese antioxidant and amino-acid rich berries straight out of the bag, but they’re also excellent for adding to smoothies. Blend them in or let them float on top for a healthy boost to your next smoothie.

They’re a bit pricey but nutrition-wise are actually a solid value.


Chia Seeds- Most kitchens have jars filled with sugar. Mine are filled with Chia Seeds. I add them to a glass and then soak for at least 30 minutes, if not overnight, which allows them to be more hydrating when they enter your body.

They add a smooth, welcome texture to any smoothie and make for an excellent boost of minerals, vitamins and Omega-3s, while helping you stay hydrated throughout the day. I recommend buying Chia Seeds in bulk; you can buy organic Chia Seeds by clicking here.

What’s your favorite smoothie booster? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

-Nick Meyer

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