Stanford Neuroscientist Explains: Do This Once Per Day and Your Mental Health Will Improve Dramatically

Andrew Huberman


Andrew Huberman is a Stanford University-trained neuroscientist who focuses on applying what he’s learned to tackling common human issue of importance such as healing from grief, improving focus and memory, supporting the brain through nutrition, lifestyle, and nootropics, and much more.

Dr. Huberman is the host of popular Huberman Lab Podcast, and his videos have been viewed millions of times on his YouTube channel.

Recently, Huberman shared the one thing he does at least five times a week with the goal of providing a feeling of hope to himself, and anyone who feels lazy and unmotivated.

This one thing helps to add a surge of dopamine, the critical reward chemical, by changing the way our brain operates on a daily basis.

Neuroscientist Says: Do This Once Each Day Your Life Will Change


Huberman’s approach, detailed in the video shown below, is a five-point plan for starting your mornings off right and giving your body and mind the shot of dopamine it needs to stay happy and fulfilled instead of stressed and concerned.

Regardless of what you’ve been through in your life, these five things will get your mind in a better place and put you on the right track in life again.

Huberman’s protocol for restoring your mental health and inner drive is as follows: 

1. Write down the time you wake up each day- 

According to Huberman, this will help to establish what your average “temperature minimum” is two hours before waking.

The goal is to find out when your body cools itself down the most so you can practice waking up at the same time each day.

This process has benefits for consistent energy as well as beating jet lag, so you can adjust your sleep schedule accordingly.

2. Take a walk (forward ambulation)- 

Taking a walk is important for our mental health, especially early in the day. During a morning walk, visual images pass by our eyes, which quiets activity in the amygdala. 

This process along with sunlight (even a tiny bit in northern regions) helps to relax your mind while simultaneously ensuring that it stays alert. 

3. Drink water (add a little sea salt)- 

According to Huberman, a little water with a pinch or two of sea salt,  promotes “ionic flow” in our neurons.

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Without these minerals, our neurons have a hard time firing properly.

This is why Huberman recommends minerals at least one to two hours before morning coffee.

4. Fast Before Eating- 

Intermittent fasting isn’t a new idea, but it is well-established to aid in digestion and early-morning focus.

5. Exercise an Hour a Day- 

Cardio and weight training are recommended in tandem.

Cardio moves the lymphatic system to help your body relieve itself of toxins through sweat and other methods while weight training maintains the integrity of your muscles and skeletal structure.


Thoughts on the Huberman Protocol 

Out of all of Huberman’s tips, going for a walk is the most important in my personal opinion.

Going for a morning or early afternoon walk can change your entire day.

It allows your brain to simultaneously become more focused but also more relaxed. 

Your mind will learn to let things go throughout the day while also becoming aligned toward what’s most important in your immediate environment.

Walking in nature, preferably barefoot at times, increases the effect even more, according to the popular book ‘Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!’ by Martin Zucker.


earthing most important health discovery ever

Following this daily ritual has changed my life, along with diet and supplements.

healthy cell brain function


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Check out Huberman’s video on why these practices are so powerful in the video player below.

In my experience, they make all the difference in a healthy, satisfied life compared to a sad, depressed life:

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