Ten Facebook Pages That (Surprisingly?) Have More Fans Than Monsanto

The amount of Facebook fans a business has isn’t everything, but it is one indicator of popularity as well as engagement online.

Large brands tend to have the largest Facebook fan bases, especially if they contribute something positive to the world, whether through enjoyable products or other contributions.

One company that doesn’t have a whole lot of fans relative to its size is the Biotech, chemical, and genetically modified food giant Monsanto.

The St. Louis-based Fortune 500 member (ranked #206 with $13.5 billion in 2013 revenues) fancies itself as company that’s helping to “feed the world” through its GMO (genetically modified organism) crops, and one that claims to be all about farmers rather than profit.

But reports from the United Nations have shown that small scale organic farming is the way to feed the world (not GMOs); and Monsanto has been known to sue many organic farmers for “patent infringement” due to accidental cross contamination from their GMOs despite its website promise stating that it will not.

These two reasons along with Monsanto’s history of propagating known chemical poisons are among the biggest motivators for the large grassroots movements against the company, including the recent ‘March Against Monsanto’ events that have drawn millions to local protests around the world.

For these and many other reasons, Monsanto isn’t exactly the most popular page on Facebook relative to its size and revenue, with 34,225 fans as of this post (not too impressive considering its size and oft-debunked claims of “helping humanity”).

Here are 10 Facebook pages that surprisingly have more fans than the multi-billion dollar corporation that claims to be “feeding the world” through its “technology:”

1. Charles Manson- Manson, who was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the murders of seven people and convicted of murder charges through the joint-responsibility rule, is currently incarcerated.

While the court system found him guilty of causing these deaths, he currently has an active Facebook page with over 49,000 fans, more than Monsanto (which is responsible for many, many more deaths throughout the years with its use of carcinogenic pesticides, Agent Orange in the Vietnam War, and of course GMOs if independent studies linking them to cancer are indeed true).

2. AIDS- Now here’s one disease that Monsanto hasn’t been linked to as having caused, at least not in humans, that is.

It’s not a fan page, but the actual disease AIDS does have nearly 40,000 likes, believe it or not, which is more than Monsanto’s page.

3. Cancer- Speaking of diseases that people inexplicably “like” on Facebook, there are over 36,000 people who “like” cancer on Facebook. That’s rather disturbing, but probably not much worse than liking Monsanto’s page.

Anybody want to try explaining this one to us?

Anybody want to try explaining this one to us?

4. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- Despite being faced with waves and waves of criticism in recent years from countless thousands of health conscious Americans, the FDA still has managed to draw over 120,000 likes on its Facebook fan page.

Wait a second, how many employees does the FDA have again? 120,000 or so?

Wait a second, how many employees does the FDA have again? 116,000 or so?

Did they use their vast pool of funding to buy these fans, or do people actually “like” the agency that continues to approve dangerous chemicals in our food like aspartame, Roundup, and genetically modified organisms, among many others, along with rushed-to-market Rx drugs that cause thousands of deaths?

The world may never know the answer to that question, but the world is starting to find out the truth about this agency through books like ‘The Hundred Year Lie’ and the many new holistic health pages that are becoming popular.

As former FDA Commissioner Dr. Herbert Ley put it in 1970, “”People think the FDA is protecting them – it isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what people think it’s doing are as different as night and day.”

5. Cigarettes- It’s a vice many people have and, let’s face it, enjoy (or at least think they enjoy), but you may be surprised to learn that the page ‘Cigarettes’ has over 660,000 likes, even though there’s no actual content on it other than a description of what cigarettes are.

The good news here is that we’re in the information age and more and more people are calling out Monsanto and Biotech companies for their lies rather than falling for them hook, line and sinker like people did when cigarettes first became popular.

6. Adolf Hitler- This might cause you to lose a little bit of faith in humanity, but the deceased German dictator’s information page currently has over 170,000 likes, far more than Monsanto.

Ironically, it was the use of leftover chemicals from the war as pesticides that gave rise to the “conventional” industry as we know it today.

7. Josef Stalin- Because you can’t have one without the other: the fellow WWII dictator has 55,000+ likes.

8. Stamp Collecting- Not that there’s anything wrong with that (but this stereotypically “dull” hobby does have 66,000+ likes, more than Monsanto by a long-shot)

Stamp collectors of the world, unite (and March Against Monsanto, and for organics)!

9. Death- That’s right, Death. As in, “you’re dead.” Over 92,000 people “like” this page for some unknown reason (people are strange).

Maybe Monsanto should start advertising to this page’s fans to get more “likes?” since they have such a long history of causing it?

10. This page- Okay, so we’re not necessarily happy about being associated with most of the other names on this list, but it’s well worth noting that a holistic health page with virtually no budget has more fans (we just passed Monsanto) than a company that claims to be providing some sort of great service to humanity (a claim virtually no one believes anymore, at least those who don’t work for Monsanto, or the U.S. government, that is).

We’re one of several such independent, grassroots pages that have built up larger fanbases than the U.S. Biotech and GMO giant in large part because they’ve spent many hours researching and informing their readers about the dangers of the products and “foods” Monsanto creates.

Other top grassroots health and free media pages to check out with more fans than Monsanto include Eat Local Grown, Natural Cures Not Medicine, and The Anti-Media. The popular grassroots movement ‘March Against Monsanto’ also has over 289,000 people on its fan page, far more than the actual Monsanto company.

All of them currently have far more fans than Monsanto, but the company’s CEO Hugh Grant, its biggest cheerleader Bill Gates, and others can at least take solace in one fact: the company does have more fans than Jar Jar Binks (of Star Wars infamy, see below).

Congrats, Monsanto. You finally did something right.

Congrats, Monsanto, you have more fans than this page. You finally did something right!


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