The Bizarre Reason People Are Being Told to Stand on a Piece of Aluminum Foil Before Bed Time

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In the world of holistic health, some of the strangest techniques are often the most effective.

Many of these techniques happen to be inexpensive, as is the case with one shared to me by a former Army engineer named Dave Setzer.

Mr. Setzer is a former U.S. Army engineer and researcher of dirty electricity who spoke at a health conference I attended several years ago.

According to Setzer, aluminum foil has the strange ability to help cleanse electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from the body, including harmful ones from wi-fi and 5G radiation.

This is important in today’s day and age because we are often being bombarded by harmful radiation.

In 2018, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke out against the harmful effects. He acknowledged technological advances, but also referenced “very powerful evidence of tumors” surrounding 5G.

He called out government agencies for not doing enough to protect the American people.

“At what cost is the question…” Senator Blumenthal asked at a press conference.

“And all I’m asking from the FCC is do your job and study the health hazards.”


Why Stand on a Piece of Aluminum Foil Before Bed 

One of the best ways to cleanse your body from harmful EMFs before bed is to stand on a piece of foil.

Mr. Setzer shared this information with the gathered audience, which is believed to be based on the research of Dr. Magda Havas, whose website on the study of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation can be found here.

As shared by the website, Setzer’s protocol for cleansing the body from this radiation is strange but effective.

“Dave Stetzer recommends balancing our electrical activity by simply standing on a piece of aluminum foil in our bare feet for 30 to 60 seconds,” the website states, echoing the health presentation I saw in person.

“Our feet will act like two electrical terminals, and the aluminum foil will conduct the electrical activity in our body back and forth between our feet until it reaches a point of balance.

Much like walking barefoot on the Earth, which has been linked to helping people heal from diseases mainstream doctors consider to be “incurable,” this quick process of standing on a piece of foil before bed helps to give the currents inside of your body some place to go so that they can exit the body safely.

It may sound similar to “wearing a tinfoil hat,” a term used to ostracize and criticize conspiracy theorists, but this process is surprisingly effective for those who have tried it.

If you are concerned about the health effects of aluminum foil, stainless steels works just as well, according to Mr. Setzer.


Electricity and Its Potentially Harmful Effects

According to Dr. Sam Milham, another EMF researcher, there is a clear correlation between rates of “dirty electricity” and rising disease rates.

Dr. Milham studied U.S. vital statistics and census records from 1920–1960 and compared the health of these two groups, shared.

He found that urban death rates were much higher than rural rates for cardiovascular diseases, malignant diseases, diabetes and suicide in 1940.

His statistical analysis showed that the 20th century epidemic of diseases may have been at least partially due to dirty electricity, which has gotten much, much worse in the era of wi-fi and now, 5G.

According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a renowned public health researcher from the University of Cal-Berkeley, 5G represents a “massive experiment on all species.”

The true effects of 5G are “unknown” and have been “understudied,” the senator said at a press conference in 2018 (more information can be found here).

“That is a sign of neglect and disregard on the part of the Federal Communications Commission that seems unacceptable,” Dr. Moskowitz added.


The Hidden Dangers of Modern Technology and Your Secret Weapon Against Them! 

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How to Mitigate and Eliminate the Effects of Dirty Electricity


While most people are likely to be skeptical of Setzer’s recommendation to stand on a piece of aluminum foil before bed, I can confirm that it works incredibly well, in my personal experience.

I feel an immediate and satisfactory release of tension from my body whenever I stand on aluminum foil before bed for 30-60 seconds, as recommended by the former Army engineer Mr. Setzer.

If you’re curious but skeptical, I highly recommend trying it out for yourself, even for a few days, especially if you work in a job where wi-fi and phone calls or texts on a 5G network are a common occurrence.

It feels similar to walking on the Earth with your bare feet, and it’s one of the best ways to relax your entire nervous system before bed without spending much if any money to accomplish that goal.

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