The Easy Method to Improve Drinking Water By Mimicking the Flow of Spring Water At Home 

Spring water in nature.


Water quality and purification have taken a big step up in recent years thanks to fluoride-filtering water pitchers, water distillers, ionizers and similar products.

These products make a big difference when it comes to improving water quality and improving its life-giving, health-enhancing properties.

The best water according to many holistic health professionals is spring water because of the way it becomes “charged” with energetic properties on its journey through ecosystems.

Now, there is a way to mimic spring water’s essence at home, using a device that is designed specifically for this purpose.

The Mayu Swirl — Designed for Spring Water Quality at Home 


Recently I had the opportunity to try a water improving device called the Mayu Swirl.

The Mayu Swirl is designed to mimic the natural flow of spring water for enhanced water purification, structuring and aeration.

In my personal experience, spring water is the best water on Earth and something that is not easily found or harvested in today’s world.

Spring water has an active, aware and flowing energetic property to it that is hard to put my finger on, but one that my body easily recognizes and enjoys.

I’ve also been a big fan of ionized water over the years from devices that enhance, optimize and structure to the water on a microscopic level.

Ionizers can be incredibly expensive, however, often costing in the thousands of dollars for one unit.

The Mayu Swirl reminds me of a mix between an ionizer and spring water itself at a much lower price (learn more or try it here).

It all starts with a “whirlpool in a glass” motion, as shown in the video below.

This tabletop device provides the following benefits according to its website


-Removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from your water supply: chlorine, THMs (trihalomethanes or disinfectant compounds), unwanted odors, and more.

-Increases the pH levels of water making it more alkaline for enhanced detoxification of the body

-Infusion of oxygen: the water is aerated by the natural swirling motion (similar to a wine aerator)

-Improved, cleaner taste

My Experience with the Mayu Swirl

mayu swirl spring water

After trying this device for almost a month I am blown away by the Mayu Swirl.

This water feels and tastes more “alive” than traditional tap water, distilled or even filtered water.

I also love how it looks on my kitchen counter, swirling around and structuring the water similar to spring water.

I am excited to add some lemons, berries and cucumbers to the mix soon to make fat-burning detox water so I always have some on hand first thing in the morning for detoxifying.

Check out the video below to see the makings of a batch of “detox water” in action:


It is close as you can get to spring water at home, without that “dead” feeling that is usually present in tap water and filtered water.

My Morning Ritual for Healthy, Pure Water 


My standard ritual is to filter my water in this pitcher from Clearly Filtered, which removes fluoride, glyphosate, and other harmful chemicals, before transferring it to the Mayu Swirl.

The result is a clean and vibrant water that mimics the taste, freshness and structure of spring water.


For a limited time, Mayu Water is offering a $50.00 discount to readers.

This deal is part of the company’s Black Friday sale and is good for a limited time only.

To get your $50.00 off at checkout, click on this link (no discount code is required).

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the Mayu Swirl as much as I have so far.


Nick Meyer Founder

nick meyer founder

P.S. Another one of my favorite ways to get more spring water or “structured” water in my life is to hunt for spring water on my own time.

The website shows a map of all of the different places where you can harvest spring water in your local area. I have used this before and found some incredibly fresh and delicious spring water for my own personal use.

If you can’t make it to a spring, I highly recommend checking out the Mayu Swirl (don’t forget it’s on sale for a limited time only).

Click here to get your Mayu Swirl before the clock strikes zero on this incredible deal

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