Product Review: Regeneratively Raised Chicken Broth From Azuluna Foods


Have you ever eaten bone broth or chicken broth before?

Both of these foods are among the best sources of collagen, which is the most abundant protein we hold in our bodies that is strongly linked with healthy skin, anti-cancer and anti-aging properties (learn more about it here).

After years of eating almost exclusively beef bone broth, and getting additional collagen from a prominent vegan collagen-enhancing and catalyzing herb, I decided to give chicken broth a try recently.

Chicken bone broth is something a friend of mine at a local health food cafe had been raving about for months, so I was excited to finally try it thanks to a sample provided by the company Azuluna Foods.

Here are my impressions of this potent healing food.

Azuluna Foods: Makers of Pasture-Raised Broths, Meal Kits and More 


For the purposes of this review I was able to try the ALR Pasture-raised chicken bone broth from Azuluna, which can be found here.

I mixed a bunch of vegetables into the broth along with spices from the FreshJax Organic spice company.

The taste of chicken bone broth is much lighter than beef bone broth, but it has many similar health benefits. Chicken bone broth is rich in protein and collagen.

This particular product from Azuluna has 14 grams of protein and eight grams of collagen in each serving with 70 calories and zero grams of fat. It also came with a really nice looking portable mug that I have been using to drink my coffee out of; one that would work great for taking your broth with you as well.

Overall I really enjoyed this broth and would recommend trying out anything from Azuluna as they are built on a foundation of pasture and regeneratively raised foods.

The chicken is pasture-raised and the broth tastes delicious, with a subtle, rich and nuanced flavor that is much better than conventional chicken broth and chicken soup brands in my personal opinion.

This style of raising animals and growing vegetables is said to be even better than organic and typically has more nutrition than conventional and even organic meat as noted in this article.

For more information, check out the Azuluna Foods website here.

The company offers premium frozen, pasture-raised, GMO free meals that look incredibly delicious as well. More info can be found here. Gift cards are available, as are whole pasture-raised chickens for your fall and winter feasts.

Special thanks to Azuluna for providing this chicken broth to try out! Be sure to support them if you’re looking for something pasture-raised, health-giving and delicious! 

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