The Hunza of Pakistan Are Among the Longest-Living, Healthiest People on Earth. These Are Their Secrets



A few years back I was reading a book titled ’50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People’ by author Sally Beare, during which I marveled at the dietary routines, pristine living environments, and unique social customs of some of the world’s longest living people.

One of the cultures mentioned in the book that caught my eye was the Hunza People of Pakistan, a mountainous tribe of incredibly healthy and long-living people found in  Pakistan’s Hunza, Chitral, and Nagar regions, and also in the valleys of a place called Gilgit-Baltistan.

One look at the region where the Hunza lives tells a story of countless thousands, if not millions, of words.



The average life expectancy of a resident of these fantastically pristine environments is 100 years, with some residents exceeding 120 years old.

The natives drink from pure, at times ice cold mountain springs, imbuing their bodies with the life giving properties of the finest and most crisp, mineral-rich spring waters.

While this partially explains the residents’ clean bill of health, there is more at work in this mystical place. Scientists and researchers have been studying the Hunza for decades, and still don’t know all of their secrets. That being said, a lot can be ascertained from their lifestyle and diets.

Hunza people of Pakistan

One researcher who visited the Hunza was astounded by what he found.

The man, Dr. Robert Maccrison, lived with the tribe for several years, according to Zee News out of India.

Dr. Maccrison reportedly did not come across a single person who had been diagnosed with cancer, stomach ulcers, appendicitis, or any other disease.

In the case of cancer prevention, the Hunza may have a secret weapon at their disposal: the controversial, yet nutritious and delicious, Apricot seeds.

These seeds have previously been banned by the United States FDA due to naturally occurring cyanide compounds, but the Hunza eat them constantly.

Apricot seeds are said to be one of the strongest cancer-fighting substances on Planet Earth, thanks to their presence of Vitamin B17, also known as amygdalin.

Also known as bitter apricot seeds, they are often sold online at places like, or are found in health food stores.

Aside from their secret anti-cancer weapon, a book was written on the Hunza people’s water by Dr. Henry Coanda, who found that the rich, glacially-fed waters of the area had incredible restorative health properties.

A bottle of Hunza water is currently being sold for an unbelievable $140.00 on, in a post that touts the healing benefits of negative ions – compounds found in abundant natural places where the energetic properties of certain elements help to restore health, similar to ‘grounding’ on the Earth itself.

Waterfalls, grounding, pure oyxgen, and other elements of nature can all produce the crucial properties of negative ions that help people young and old to feel healed and restored.

hunza people of pakistan

All of the researchers who have visited say that the Hunza’s lifestyle and health secrets can be attributed to their “natural and organic lifestyle,’ which is mostly unheard of in other places around the world.

They eat fresh organic fruits, raw vegetables apricot seeds, drink pure water, and they do indulge in locally made alcohol from time to time.

They also eat locally raised meats from pastures, rather than the chemically-treated, industrially raised meats eaten in first-world countries.

The three most common fruits are apples, cherries and apricots.


The Word’s Healthiest People Eat Meat Not From Factory Farms, But From Pasture-Raised, Organically Fed Animals.

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The Hunza People Are Friendly and Welcoming to Outsiders


hunza tribe pakistan


Aside from diet and environment, the social structure of the tribe and the way they live their lives factors into their longevity equally well.

The Hunza work hard in the fields each day, oftentimes from sun-up to sun-down and beyond.

They also have been called ‘The Happiest People on Earth,’ maintaining a positive lifestyle.

They play sports such as Polo on horseback, exercise daily, are welcoming to outsiders, and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Regardless of your age, these are lessons we would all do well to learn and implement in our own lives – after all, it seems to be working quite well for this marvelously, and famously, healthy tribe from one of the most remote places on Earth.

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