Two Clear Pieces of Medical-Grade Silicone Could Be the Answer To Back Pain, Foot Problems and More



It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something is drastically wrong with our human physiology in today’s landscape of cubicles, laptops, and smart phones.

Beyond those hinderances we also have seen the physiology of the human foot change dramatically, as we spend so much of our time cramming them into shoes that it has the ability to completely alter the way they look.

I personally can vividly remind one evening at the local Lifetime fitness, a king-sized fitness complex, where I decided to walk out to the indoor pool after a long workout.

As I walked across the tiled floor to the wading area I distinctly remember how small and traction-less my barren feet suddenly seemed, and how difficult it became to walk confidently across the wet floor without my shoes on. 

My toes pointed inward, almost as if they had spent years shrinking into their own version of the fetal position, becoming weak and ineffective.

A few years later I finally found the solution to this problem in the form of a simple product made by an Oregon-based podiatrist.


Correct Toes and the Man Who Invented Them

Created by Dr. Ray McClanahan, Correct Toes are a simple product that helps to fix the simple problem of toes being smashed inward and losing their flexibility over the years.

Despite their simplicity this product is said to help solve a laundry list of problems:

-Hammer Toe
-Ingrown Toenail
-Heel Pain
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Lower Leg Pain
-Runner’s Knee

…And much more, including ankle problems.

So, how do they work? Simply by being placed as a bridge between your toes, they help to restore your feet to their natural position.

The creator of Correct Toes Dr. Ray McClanahan.

The creator of Correct Toes Dr. Ray McClanahan.

Restoring natural foot motion and function at the root of many foot problems according to McClanahan, who learned the importance of doing so while treating patients for over 17 years at his office.

I’ve been using them for about three months now and I can notice a pretty clear difference in how my feet are aligned, with the toes spread further apart for more grip as I walk and move, especially barefoot.


How Often Should They Be Used?

According to the Correct Toes website there is no set amount of time that they should be worn each day, but even in about an hour or two, five days a week I’ve seen some pretty good results from using them around the house.

You can also walk and/or run outside with them, provided that the Correct Toes fit securely inside your shoes without any spacing issues. The company stresses that your feet take years to conform to certain shapes, however, and advises wearing the product for as long as possible to correct the toe physiology as much as possible.

Where to Buy Correct Toes

Overall this is a quality product that has been quite helpful in making my toes stronger and more flexible, which in turn has made me more mobile while walking, running, and playing sports and should help my body physiology in other areas down the road. They’ve restored my joy of walking barefoot and they can for you too. 

I highly recommend trying these out if you’ve got any foot or back related issues you suspect might be caused by a lack of support from your feet, or if you simply think they could help you in general by providing a better platform to walk. 

correct toes 3You can learn more about Correct Toes, read reviews on, or purchase them by clicking here.

It is recommended that people with diabetes, diminished circulation in the feet or diminished sensation of the feet should not use this product. Consult your doctor before using Correct Toes just to be safe. 

This product was provided by the company for review purposes. In order to support our blogging activities we may receive a portion of the sales from this and other product links on this website. Read our full disclaimer hereThis article was first written in August 2015.

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