Black Seed Oil is Called ‘The Remedy for Everything But Death,’ With Benefits for Heart Health, Weight Loss, Psoriasis and More

black seed oil remedy for everything but death benefits


Worldwide, there are several healing herbs and substances that come complete with nicknames, described in the most colorful and, at times, exaggerated, ways pertaining to how they are capable of healing the human body.

Perhaps the most well-known of all is ‘The Remedy for Everything But Death,’ a nickname given to the nigella sativa plant.

This renowned plant has been utilized by healers for centuries, and while it might not heal or cure every disease or malady in comes in contact with, its reputation is nonetheless well earned.

Also known as Black Seed Oil, this plant’s most potent healing abilities are just now being rediscovered by generations of people who are becoming increasingly enamored with natural health solutions.


Thymoquinone: A Healing Compound With Many Uses 

The compound Thymoquinone gives Black Seed Oil many of its most potent healing abilities.

In December 2014, the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences released a study on the compound Thymoquinone, detailing its extensive healing properties.

The study found that this compound has four main benefits: 

-Hepaprotective (prevents damage to the liver)



-Antioxidant rich


The study, which can be viewed here, concluded that the effects of these natural compounds possess “a wide range of medical applications,” and posited that they may be utilized in ways with potency akin to a medical drug, without the side effects.

Further studies have been done on Black Seed Oil, with benefits listed below.

1. Benefits for Healing Acne- 

In one study, people took Black Seed Oil for 60 days in a topical form. After this two-month period had expired, the researchers noticed a shocking 78% reduction in acne levels.

2. Help for Treating Psoriasis-

Two smaller studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Black Seed Oil on other skin conditions, including psoriasis, which is characterized by red, scaly patches on the skin.

One animal study found that it decreased inflammation and reduced symptoms in rats.

Another study on 12 people found that an herbal cream with Black Seed Oil and other healthy oils along with vitamins led to a reduction of at least 75% in psoriasis severity among 83% of participants, according to

As usual, these relatively small studies haven’t been followed up on with large-scale trials, but they add to the evidence that Black Seed Oil is one of the best topical, skin healing substances to help clear the outer layer of the skin.

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3. Weight Loss Support-

Black Seed Oil may also promote weight loss and help decrease body fat.

One study of 84 different women showed that it helped to reduce body weight and belly fat when consumed in three-gram portions per day for eight weeks.

Another study on women found that 2,000 milligrams of Black Seed Oil daily reduce appetite and body mass index, body weight, waist circumference, and body fat.

Black Seed Oil goes well when mixed into salad dressings or taken in the form of a tablespoon both morning and night.

4. Heart Health Benefits- 

Simply taking a spoonful or two of Black Seed Oil each day can reduce inflammation, helping to prevent the development of diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, according to

A review of 10 studies on Black Seed Oil found that this ‘Remedy for Everything But Death’ may reduce “multiple markets of inflammation” while increasing levels of disease-fighting antioxidants in the human bloodstream.



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Final Thoughts on Black Seed Oil 

The humble Black Seed is not typically thought of by most people in the United States, but it is far more well known overseas due to its historical, cultural, and religious significance.

In 2008, information was published in the journal Cancer Ther on the significance and use of the Black Seed over centuries.

As mentioned earlier, Black Seed Oil is useful for healing and preventing countless ailments, and its future may even be punctuated by adoption as a cancer-fighting drug and/or natural substance.

“Black cumin seed (Nigella sativa) oil extracts have been used for many centuries for the treatment of many human illnesses, and more recently the active compound found in black seed oil,” the journal stated in a 2008 study.

“Thymoquinone (TQ) has been tested for its efficacy against several diseases including cancer.

“However, further research is needed in order to assess the full potential of TQ as a chemo-preventive and/or therapeutic agent against cancers.”

This article is not intended to treat, prevent, or diagnose any diseases. Consult a doctor before trying if you have any questions. See our full disclaimer here

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