This German Engineered Trampoline is The Best Piece of Exercise Equipment I’ve Ever Owned (Bellicon Rebounder Review)


Rebounding, or jumping on a mini-trampoline, has long been a personal curiosity of mine, and I finally got my first chance to check out “rebounding” on a 2012 visit to a holistic health center in Michigan, a raw food retreat resort called the Creative Health Institute.

While staying the night at the CHI, I spent my time gorging myself on raw organic food, hanging out with the center’s clients (including some who were recovering from cancer naturally), and checking out all sorts of advanced holistic health gadgets and equipment  ranging from chi machines to infrared saunas and rebounders.

This place was a paradise for the health conscious, and rebounding every day was a big part of it.

Now, more than four years later, I finally had the chance to try rebounding again, this time with the Bellicon rebounder, a German engineered mini-trampoline designed to do everything a typical rebounder does, only more efficiently, quietly, and with less design hiccups.

Long story short, I now have a new favorite piece of exercise equipment, one that I personally believe should be a part of everybody’s daily or morning routine (as long as the ceiling is high enough, that is).


My Review of the Bellicon Rebounder

While I greatly enjoyed the rebounders at the CHI (now called the Vibrant Health Institute), I was more than a little annoyed at the sound they made — a persistent clanking noise that bothered me a little bit every time I bounced back up.

The Bellicon Rebounder fixes this glaring problem, while also adding a wider surface area than most mini trampolines. Straight up-and-down jumping is my favorite thing to do on the Bellicon (which my friends first discovered at David Wolfe’s Longevity Now conference in California), but lunges, jumping jacks and countless other variations are also part of my routine. Everything feels incredibly smooth and intuitive thanks to the precise way in which the extremely versatile Bellicon is designed. It’s the best way I’ve found to heal and detoxify my lympathic system every day in the least amount of time.

Ten Things I Love About the Bellicon

The Bellicon rebounder comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes (My roommate and I bought the black and orange, medum sized model with the fold-up legs, and we are quite happy with it).

Thus far the product is relatively new to Amazon but most customer reviews have been positive. This one by someone calling themselves simply “Amazon customer” probably best describes my own feelings:

“Looooove my bellicon 44″ with the fold up legs! I had a regular gym rebounder and once I tried the bellicon I was blown away! It’s just another world !”

Reviewer Jessie G. Padgett said the following:

“Love it. So sturdy and quiet.”

Another reviewer on Amazon had this to say:

“I have tried several of the cheap brands and the difference is night and day between the Bellicon rebounders and what the crap that Walmart/KMart/Target sell (no comparison whatsoever).

“Since I have week knees (ACL replaced one time, probably needs to be replaced again), always looking for equipment that reduces the stress on the knees (e.g. elliptical machines, etc.). Now, having spent over $5,000 in exercise equipment over the last five or six years, it has become clear that the Bellicon rebounder is one of the best exercise devices and is definitely my favorite piece of exercise equipment.”

At the time of this article the reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly of the 5-star variety:

“Excellently made trampoline. (German engineering) Go to and read up on the reviews! and when I did my research and this is like the “lexus” of trampolines. I have had mine for a month and so far its everything they promised. Sturdy, completely noiseless… the bounce is great! 39 inch screw in legs.” said user Nallaaw.


Here are 10 reasons why I love the Bellicon so much:

1. It’s surprisingly quiet…The UV resistant polypropylene mat is sturdy and makes very little noise, especially compared to other rebounders I’ve tried.

2. I feel 100 percent comfortable and in control while jumping on it (I could tell its sturdiness from the first jump)

3. The feeling I get when I step off the Bellicon after even a 15-minute morning session is incredible; the best part is how the resistance on my legs from the ground feels so much less (almost like I’m floating on air instead of walking)

4. Convenience: It takes u p so much less space than a treadmill or other workout stuff

5. The sleek design accents my living space nicely (would be at home in a high end apartment)

6. The extra surface area lets me do mini lunges, jumping jacks and more

7. The health benefits are amazing, especially for lympathic drainage (see below)

bellicon product review

The medium-sized Bellicon (with fold-up legs) in my apartment on a snowy day.

8. It’s actually fun (so much better than a treadmill). Jumping on the Bellicon is a real workout I actually look forward to.

9. The results I’ve seen so far my legs are stronger and “springier,” my skin became clearer and even my roommate noticed my under eye bags have decreased due to the drainage ability of the rebounder.

10. This is a piece of equipment I see myself using for life, rather than just stashing away in the basement for years to come like others; the Bellicon is great for kids, too.

Studies Show The Health Benefits of Rebounding Every Day 

Along with personal testimonies, there is much research available on the benefits of rebounding.

One study from NASA found that rebounding (also called bouncing) provides “better all-around benefits than running, isotonic (weight lifting) and isometric exercise,” the Bellicon website states.

“The results indicate that, for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen uptake (VO2), the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness,” the study, which can be read here, concludes.

Further research expands on the benefits of rebounding, including research from the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, which says it’s a high impact exercise with a low impact on the body:

“The mini trampoline [rebounder] provides a convenient form of exercise with a major advantage being its apparent low level of trauma to the musculoskeletal system.”

The National Osteoporosis Foundation is also a fan of rebounding:

“Exercise can be helpful in building and maintaining strong bones. Exercise that forces you to work against gravity – so called weight bearing exercises such as walking or jogging [and rebounding] are beneficial …If you are at risk for osteoporosis, your doctor will most likely include exercise as part of your overall treatment program.”

According to the University of Utah, rebounding can lead to a decrease in the incidence of injury and overall complaints about exercise pain compared with other exercises; it absorbs about 87% of the impact compared to working out on a hard surface.

Another study showed it is especially useful for improving the postural balance of elderly women, making it a fun and effective way for older people to get in a workout (more research here).

Where to Find a Bellicon Rebounder

For the purposes of this review, a 10% discount was given on the Bellicon rebounder order by my roommate and I. Thus far, I couldn’t be happier with my Bellicon  I look forward to rebounding every day and I’ve already noticed a big difference in my personal health after a few short months.

If you’d like to order a Bellicon rebounder, you can find them on Amazon by clicking on this link (there are several different styles, colors and sizes to choose from).

You can also find them, and more information, on the company’s website here.



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