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With Nation Distracted by Public Health and Economic Crises, Trump Administration Moves to Allow GMO Crops in Wildlife Refuges

    As the U.S. faces an unemployment crisis, economic meltdown, and a public health emergency with the coronavirus, the Trump administration moved quietly this past month to further threaten dozens of endangered species in the southeastern United States by proposing the planting of genetically engineered crops on wild public [...]
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Top WHO Official Advises Removing “Those People Who May Be Sick” From Their Homes…In a “Safe and Dignified Manner.”

  By Katie Preece Analysis/Opinion Who is the WHO… Quite simply put, WHO stands for World Health Organization, and it’s a division of the United Nations responsible for international public health. In a 2017 piece titled, “Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates,” Politico wrote: “Some billionaires are satisfied with [...]
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