82 Percent of Patients Managed to Avoid Root Canals Using These Ancient Medicinal Herbs


Editor’s Note: This is an article that is very personal to me. A dentist had previously recommended a root canal, which I wanted to avoid at all costs, and I tried several natural methods before my infection grew and I ended up having the tooth pulled and getting a zirconium implant. I only discovered this information following my tooth implant, and now wish I had known about it beforehand.

Please note that this article is not intended to treat, prevent or diagnose any disease. See our full disclaimer here, and for more information see my final thoughts at the end of this article. 

Tens of thousands of people submit to their dentists’ advice each year and spend countless dollars on treatment for root canals each year, even though many holistic health researchers question the safety of such procedures.

Root canals leave millions of harmful bacteria trapped under the tooth surface and have been linked to higher rates of heart disease, stroke, and many other serious issues, which is why I decided to go a different route than my dentist recommended.

I personally opted for a tooth extraction and implant as my course of action, but there actually may be a better and far less invasive way according to results using a natural herbal treatment for root canals.

According to a long-forgotten 2007 article in Better Nutrition, a little-known Tibetan herbal blend may hold the key to avoiding root canals through natural supplementation.


The Problem with Conventional Treatments for Root Canals

As mentioned above, any time you opt for a root canal, you’re taking a huge risk both health-wise and financially. Root canals are considered by many within the holistic health community to be a short-term fix.

Many people including several friends and acquaintances of mine have actually had to have their root canals re-done later or had additional work done on the same area, meaning that costs, as well as health risks, can add up over time.

While root canals allow you to “save” the tooth, is it really worth saving something that’s dying and diseased and making it a permanent part of your body?

If your answer to that question is a “no,” as was the case with me, you may want to try alternative treatments for root canals. Some people have had success with oil pulling and using natural antibiotics such as oregano oil and garlic (I tried these without much luck, although they did help relieve some swelling from my infection). But the aforementioned herbal blend may hold the most promise, especially for advanced problems.



Herbal Medicine to Prevent Root Canals

Choosing the right holistic treatment can take a lot of guesswork, so it helps to have specific examples of positive results that you can trust.

The herbal blend Padma Basic (see this link for more info) has an extensive history of use in Thailand, however, where its ability to reduce inflammation and create an overall healing state in the body has been well documented.

The Thai people are known for creating remedies that are not only potent in terms of each individual herb but also are synergistically crafted in order to create an optimal healing situation within the body.


Some of the exotic herbs and fruit extracts in Padma Basic include:    

Bael fruit is one component of the Padma Basic Herbal Blend.

Bael fruit is one component of the Padma Basic Herbal Blend.

-Iceland Moss (Strong antibiotic and more)

-Costus Root Neem Fruit (Energizing, anti-viral)

-Cardamom (Improves blood pressure levels)

-Red Saunders Heart Wood (Anti-Septic, good for blood pressure issues)

-Bael Tree Fruit (Anti-inflammation)

…and much more.

The benefits of these and the other 10+ ingredients in the signature Padma Basic blend are well known in the East, but the blend’s ability to be effective as a treatment for root canal is far less so.

A 2007 study from published in Better Nutrition revealed the incredible potential for Padma Basic in helping patients to avoid root canals naturally, however.

The results of the Root Canal Study:

Padma Basic Herbal Blend, Click on the picture to try it out.

Padma Basic Herbal Blend. Click on the picture for more info.

According to a 2007 article in Better Nutritiona total of 82 percent of participants in a study using the Padma Basic herbal supplement were able to improve to the point where they did not need root canal treatments or tooth extractions. The 49 patients took the blend twice a day until their symptoms had disappeared…”

Considering those results, wish I had known about it before I opted to have my infected tooth extracted.

Of course, you should consult with a holistic dentist on your treatment options before making a decision on your own dental health. But the stats don’t lie: Padma Basic is a promising way to combat inflammation, infection and other problems associated with root canals.

And this “Padma Basic” blend just might be an effective way to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in preventing your next root canal treatment.


Final Thoughts on Natural Root Canal Treatments 

As mentioned earlier, I only discovered this information following my own tooth pulling and zirconium implant (which was recommended as a better alternative to metal implants by Dr. Joseph Mercola). If I had known this information, I probably would have tried Padma Basic instead before proceeding to the final step.

As noted above, this information is not a cure and is not intended to treat any disease. Each individual person’s situation is different and different natural methods work for different people.

I was inspired to add these disclaimers due to a commenter on Facebook, who said they attempted this method and ended up losing a tooth. Conversely, I have also been tracking multiple comments on the Padma Basic Amazon order page from people stating that it did the opposite and helped prevent a root canal or stop the need for getting a root canal (their dental problems were healed naturally), at least in the short term.

Unfortunately, Padma Basic is no longer sold on Amazon as of the writing of this article but it can be found on Econugenics.com, a supplement company created by Dr. Isaac Eliaz that I worked for as a social media manager and blogger.


I have also been using a Dental Detox Kit from Primal Life Organics, recently.

This dental detox kit made from organic ingredients claims its clients have healed their root canals and cavities using their products.

They utilized the Mouth Makeover Package (learn more or try it here, or click on the picture below to get it at a sale price) to get these results among other Primal Life Organics products.


Whatever you choose, it is important to consult with a holistic dentist or doctor before attempting to treat ailments like these naturally.

My holistic dentist recommended I get the tooth pulled, and it ended up saving me a lot of harm in the process (root canals have side effects that could worsen over time, highlighting the importance of focusing on holistic-minded and consistent dental hygiene).

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