Breaking News: Monsanto Has Been Sued for Contaminating Schools with Toxic Chemicals

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Monsanto is now a part of Bayer, the German multi-national chemical, pesticide and GMO corporation. That hasn’t stopped the company from making headlines in recent months.

According to a new post from GMO Free USA, the non-profit, non-GMO organization, Monsanto is being sued by the state of Vermont for allegedly contaminating schools with toxic chemicals.

Vermont is the first state to sue Monsanto in this manner according to GMO Free USA (now also known as Toxin Free USA).

The state’s lawsuit comes just months after Monsanto and Bayer were forced to pay over $7 million due to a false claims lawsuit.


Lawsuits were also filed last year against Monsanto by the Burlington, Vermont School District and another by two high school teachers in the city who say they suffered from a variety of health problems including miscarriage and brain fog related to their school-based exposure to toxic PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) exposure.

Vermont’s Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark announced she was suing Monsanto in mid-June over PCB contamination.

The lawsuit alleges that the industrial chemicals caused harm to the state’s natural resources as well as to its schools, GMO Free USA wrote.

Nearly 100 Vermont school districts joined the lawsuit as plaintiffs in a separate lawsuit against the company seeking payment for costs associated to property damage.


The lawsuits allege Monsanto knew PCBs were toxic as early as the 1950s but continued to sell and manufacture them.


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