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Ohio Sues Big Pharma for One of the Biggest Health Epidemics of Our Time. Calls Out Drug Makers on Purposefully Misleading Doctors, and Downplaying the Drug’s Dangers

Some call the opiate addiction epidemic one of the biggest health problems our society faces today. And just like Big Tobacco was eventually blamed for the cigarette smoking problem in the 90’s, Big Pharma is now getting a backlash for their involvement in fraudulent marketing campaigns involving prescription painkillers, which [...]
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Prescription Drug Overdoses Now the 9th Leading Cause of Death in the United States — This ONE Type Accounts for More Than Half of Them

As far as prescription drugs go, few nations are more hopelessly addicted than the United States, where direct-to-viewer TV drug advertising is not only the norm, it makes up huge percentages of national network TV commercials. Surveys show that doctors know far too little about nutrition, and instead rely on [...]
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Horrifying: A Healthy Woman Is Given Chemo. Studies Reveal, This Happens to Millions. (Up to 90% patients with THIS type of cancer are treated unnecessarily).

  A patient is Australia has reportedly been administered chemotherapy for six months — before the doctors found out she did not actually have cancer, believe it or not. What sounds like a patient’s worst nightmare happens more often than the medical system is willing to admit. In the case [...]
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