Holistic Doctor Says: This is the Best Herb for Healing Your Microbiome. Repairs Leaks and Stops Inflammation Fast

leaky gut syndrome


Leaky gut is not usually considered to be a serious disease, but the side effects can be life-changing, and not in a good way.

Leaky gut affects between 80-90% of Americans in today’s day and age, and symptoms of leaky gut are among the most familiar for tens of millions of people.

Some of the symptoms include:


-Loss of intestinal mucosa

-Low energy

-Improper absorption of nutrients from food

-Gas and bloating


And many more.


Leaky Gut Symptoms Can Make Life Incredibly Difficult 

I personally have suffered from leaky gut and digestive issues for most of my teenage years and adult life.

During the times when I didn’t have leaky gut, I always focused on several different healing foods and exercises.

In my personal experience, intense, regular exercise, as well as meditation and quiet time at the end of each night, helps a tremendous amount for healing leaky gut.

Consuming healing foods, herbs and spices for the gut helps a lot too.

My favorite healing foods and supplements for the gut include: 

-Aloe Vera juice (preferably organic like this one), which helps to cleanse and seal the gut lining

Kombucha, a fermented drink made from a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of yeast) and sugar or honey

-Essential oils such as peppermint and clove oil, and essential oil blends to rub on the belly.

-Amazon Rainforest herbs, especially sangre de grado.

Sangre de grado is a red tree sap from the Amazon that heals the stomach lining fast.

I take it in this gut healing supplement, which has four incredibly rare herbs from the Amazon Rainforest



-Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables

-Bone broth, which I make from grass-fed beef beef soup bones

Use code ‘althealthworks’ to receive a discount at checkout on grass fed bone broth here.



Holistic Doctor Shares: This is the Number One Herb for Gut Health 

According to the well known holistic doctor Josh Axe, there are six foods to focus on for gut health that will help to seal your gut lining and absorb food better as a result.

These foods are more important than ever because of GMO foods and Roundup, a gut health destroying chemical, in our food supply.

Dr. Axe notes that the best overall healing food, spice or herb for gut health is ginger. 

This is another one of my favorites. It works great for soothing, calming and healing the stomach and stomach lining.

I make ginger tea from scratch on my stove top.

It works absolute wonders for gut health.

Learn more in Dr. Axe’s video, the ‘Top Six Foods for Gut Health,’ below:

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