They Call Him ‘The Energy Whisperer:” An Interview with Jan Wellmann, Co-Founder and CEO of FrequenCell, Inc.

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Jan Wellmann is the co-founder and CEO of FrequenCell, Inc., makers of Vital Field, a health technology designed to help people from all walks of life to heal from pain and improve different aspects of their health in a holistic, non-invasive and side effect free way.

Vital Field sells pain-relieving patches, pineal gland enhancing patches, and similar products that utilize a technology based on electromagnetic pulses that has been studied and developed for more than 30 years.

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More information can be found on Vital Field’s website here.

Recently, Wellmann, who has been nicknamed ‘The Energy Whisperer,’ joined for an email-based interview on his business, its progression, healthcare in Europe vs. the United States, the intersection between health and technology, and much more.

The interview can be read below:

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AHW: You have a background as an engineer and you’ve spent time in the tech industry. How did you get started in holistic health and with this company?

(Correction: I have background as a startup entrepreneur). 

I had burnout from a multitasking career as a producer-entrepreneur-consultant about 20 years ago, with severe consequences to my health that manifested as immune suppression and chronic symptoms.

The modern healthcare system could not help me, and I had to learn from scratch how to take care of my body and energy with natural methods to get back into my prime.

What I discovered were paradigm-shifting truths about health and wellbeing.

AHW: Your company has worked with healthcare practitioners in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

What are some of the biggest differences in how they handle healthcare over in Europe compared with the U.S.?

What are some of the most insightful things you learned? 

JW: As far as the mainstream healthcare system is concerned, I see no huge differences. The approach and philosophy are the same. When treating chronic disease, they focus on symptom management rather than discovering and addressing root casualties.

In Germany, an older alternative medicinal culture remains quite hidden due to regulatory reasons but is getting more attention now that the latest pandemic measures have been a disappointment.

Germany also has an incredibly powerful history in natural treatments.

The literature before the world wars in the 20th century is especially valuable, with incredible insights into treating chronic issues from a root causative perspective. 

AHW: Can you give us a cliff notes version of what Vital Field products are and how they work?

Is this something people can begin wearing on their own or do they need a prescription, doctor’s recommendation or anything? 

JW: FrequenCell products, like the Energy Cells, are classified as health and wellness products, so they don’t compete or classify with medical alternatives.

They are entirely non-chemical, non-addictive, and safe products that have a shelf life of up to two years.


no pain energy cell

The Vital Field No Pain Energy Cell.


Their principle is based on subtle vibrations, electromagnetic frequencies that regulate cell communication in a way that helps damaged or stressed areas regenerate faster.

The principle boils down to cell coherence and its ability to help the body distribute energy and information where it most needs it.


AHW: How did the idea for Vital Field products come about?

And is it something that has been widely adopted thus far in Europe or the United States?

JW: The clinical equipment have been around since the 1990s, used by some of the top alternative clinics in Europe, but it’s historically been a word-of-mouth game, where only a select clientele has a chance to use these methods. These are machines that are expensive and heavy.

We changed this in 2020 when we brought out the first end-user solutions with cost-efficient and wearable solutions, with full return rights should the product not work for your particular condition.

This year, in 2022, we are going global with this offering and introducing the first electronic wearables as well.

AHW: Have you used these devices recently and if so what does it feel like when you use them?

What would you like prospective customers to know about how they can help? 

JW: I live with these solutions and use them daily. They were also part of my own healing process. I recommend them to everyone who has not been able to find satisfactory solutions from pills or prescriptions or who is interested in 100% non-chemical, safe alternatives without side effects.

Frequency applications are a new industry, and I believe they are the future.


AHW: Anything else you’d like to share with the audience?

JW: It’s important to find your own individual approach to maintaining your optimal health. We rely on too many off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all type of solutions.

Frequency applications take into account our individual energetic profile, which is an important step in the right direction. 

Thanks to Jan for joining us, and thank you for reading!

I have been using the No Pain and Pineal Gland cells recently, and I love them. More info can be found on Vital Field’s website, where they can be purchased without a prescription or anything of that nature


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