Prevent Muscle Catabolization with this “Beegan” Post-Workout Smoothie

Did you know that if you don’t eat or drink after a workout that your body could turn into a catabolic state? In layman’s terms this means that your body will use muscle tissue for energy, instead of carbohydrates or fats (You’ll lose muscle, not fat).

Unfortunately, many of us hate eating after working out. That’s why I came up with this smoothie, which is vegan except for a couple of bee-based products, hence the term “beegan.” It helps you replace the nutrients lost during a workout, and is high in protein.

Here is a breakdown of why this smoothie is so great after working out:

Peanut butter: High in protein, which helps build muscle and is also high in healthy fats. You can also make your own butter from jungle peanuts, which are less inflammatory, or experiment with other nut butters such as almond or cashew.

Banana: Contains Potassium which is an important electrolyte that you often lose while working out.

Coconut milk: Has many vitamins and antioxidants, which help you stay healthy in general (Vitamin C, E, B, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron).

A vegan smoothie recipe to prevent muscle catabolization.

This “beegan” smoothie recipe helps to prevent muscle catabolization.

Cacao: Has flavonoids for improved endurance, as well as antioxidants and magnesium.

Ground flax: Ground Flax is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, as well as high in fiber and antioxidants. (If flax is not ground it will pass right through and you will not get the same benefits).

Raw Organic, Local Honey: It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. It promotes digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, calm nerves and stabilizes blood pressure. It’s pretty much amazing.

Make sure you get your honey direct from farmers- One trip is all it takes to stock up since honey has pretty much an indefinite shelf-life. Also, virtually all store bought honey is heated even if it says “raw” on the bottle.

Raw Organic, Local Bee Pollen: Often used by body builders to add muscle, it is rich in amino acids and tons of vitamins and minerals; all packed into tiny granules.

Bee pollen won’t change the taste of the smoothie much if any.


-1 frozen banana

-2 tbsp. peanut butter

-½ cup coconut milk

-1 tbsp. cacao powder (Read about cacao vs. cocoa here)

-1 tsp. ground flax

-1 tsp. raw honey

-1 tsp. Bee pollen (you can work your way up to more but it’s best if you start out slow)

Blend together well, and enjoy!

This recipe was provided by the website Good Health, Good Food. You can see their website by clicking here or like their Facebook page by clicking here.


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