Product Review: A Brazilian Mushroom Supplement from the Most Potent Part of the Mushroom — The Fruiting Body



The world of medicinal mushrooms can be an intimidating one to say the least.

With so many different types of mushrooms and so many different health benefits offered by each one, it’s easy to lose track of which ones provide which benefits.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a mushroom supplement from a company called NutriMyco that is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. The supplement contains the fruiting body of the Agaricus Blazei mushroom from Brazil, a uniquely shaped and powerful healing mushroom that is mostly unknown among United States consumers.

This mushroom has a lot of interesting health benefits, however, and it’s definitely one to try if you’re into exotic superfoods you can’t find anywhere else.

agaricus blazei mushroom

A monstrous agaricus blazei mushroom from a farm in Brazil.


For the purposes of this review, I was given a sample of NutriMyco’s Brazil Mushroom Extract supplement.

Each box comes with three packets of the superfood mushroom shown above, in the form of a gel-like extract.

At first I was hesitant — I couldn’t anticipate how this mushroom would taste in a liquid form, especially considering that the mushroom extract itself is the only ingredient listed on the package.

Once I bit the bullet and decided to try it, my taste buds were rewarded with a flavor that was slightly bitter but also slightly sweet.

If you like the taste of mushrooms or similar supplements you will definitely like this supplement from NutriMyco.

nutrimyco product review agaricus blazei

Agaricus Blazei is said to have health benefits for the following purposes: 

-Supports insulin sensitivity, may help regulate blood sugar levels

-Strengthens the immune system against viruses and bacteria

-May contain anti-cancer properties

-Is rich in antioxidants, helping to protect the body against free radicals

More info on benefits and side effects can be found here


According to NutriMyCo, it is recommended to take the Agaricus Blazei supplement while recovering from surgery or illness.

It also may help reduce the negative effects of jet-lag, and help to revive a person’s system after heavy exercise such as marathon running.

Long-term, it also works well as an immune booster.

Overall, I really enjoyed this supplement.

I like how it comes from the fruiting body of the mushroom instead of the mycelium, which means it generally has more nutrients and is a higher-value supplement overall.

I felt a boost in overall vitality in my body (as opposed to my mind) immediately after taking it, a feeling unlike any other type of mushroom I’ve ever tried except maybe Chaga mushroom(s).

For more information on this product, check out the NutriMyco website by clicking here, where the product may be purchased.

If you love mushrooms and their amazing, often understated yet never duplicated health benefits, you can’t go wrong by trying this supplement (click here to try it).

Thanks so much to NutriMyco for providing samples for the purposes of this review, and thank you for reading. 


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