This Dark, Mineral-Rich Paste is the Perfect Solution to Oral Health Issues. Kills Bacteria, Remineralizes Cavities and Much More

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Over my decade-plus as a blogger, I have long sought out ways to heal myself without needing to resort to expensive medical or dental treatments, or chemical-laced supplements and “healing” agents for that matter.

The area of dental health has been a source of fascination for me, leading me to discover Padma Basic, a Tibetan Herbal blend that has been shown to prevent the need for root canals in some people, the potential negative health effects of fluoride on both the teeth and the body, the best natural toothpaste and mouthwash kits (like this one), and much more.

Recently, I discovered something about one of my favorite supplements, Shilajit, that has me excited: its incredible potential for healing the mouth, remineralizing teeth and cavities, and much more.


Study: Main Component of Shilajit Destroys Bacteria Responsible for Cavities and Oral Cancer 

Shilajit is a mineral resin that is typically found in the Himalayan Mountains and is widely used in India and Pakistan.

It is just now catching on for its health-boosting properties in the United States as well.

In April 2014, researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis tested a main component of Shilajit, fulvic acid, on S. Mutans, the bacteria responsible for causing cavities, and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC-25) cancerous cells.

“Shilajit is a…treatment used by local inhabitants of India and Pakistan. It may have specific components that inhibit the formation of cavities and the growth of cancer cells,” the researchers wrote in the study’s intro.

“This experiment analyzed the effects of fulvic acid, an active component of shilajit, on the growth of oral bacteria and squamous cell carcinoma.”


The cancer cells were exposed to different concentrations of the acid found in shilajit for 72 hours, at different concentrations, as well as the cavity-causing  S. Mutans. 

“The suppressive mechanisms observed by fulvic acid on both S. mutans and SCC-25 cells could improve overall oral health,” the study’s conclusion found.

My Personal Experience with Shilajit Paste for Dental Health

Recently, I felt as though I had a cavity coming on in the bottom row of my teeth.

Not wanting to go to the dentist, I changed my diet and dental health routinely immediately by cutting out all sugar from my diet and adding more high-mineral, low inflammation foods including raw, grass-fed cheese, Omega-3 supplements, pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed beef, a protocol I learned from the book ‘Cure Tooth Decay’ by Ramiel Nagel.

I also began swishing the Uncle Harry’s tooth powder product in my mouth like a mouthwash, which helped a lot to clean my mouth.

The cavity was painful, so I thought about what else I could use to heal it.

The Padma Basic herbal blend came to mind, but it’s expensive and hard to find nowadays as it is no longer available on Amazon.

It was then that I remembered I had some Shilajit paste on hand from the U.S. based company Pure Indian Foods, which can found by clicking on the link below.

Best Shilajit Ever – Authentic, 100% Pure Himalayan (High-Altitude, >16K ft) Black Resin Paste – 30g

I had been taking Shilajit for years, but this particular paste is the darkest and thickest I’ve ever tried, similar to the picture at the top of this article.

Taste-wise and scent-wise it is not for the faint of heart, but it is incredibly rich in healing minerals and fulvic acid similar to what was used in the aforementioned study.

It worked like a charm.


The remineralizing and cavity healing paste from the U.S. based company Omica Organics. Click here and use code ‘althealthworks’ to receive a discount at checkout if you’d like to try it. 



Once I applied the Shilajit paste directly to the tooth, I was shocked by what happened next — the pain had completely disappeared, and the cavity felt like it was beginning to clear up!

This was without a doubt the first time I had ever experienced anything like this in my dental health routine, except for the time I applied clove oil to a toothache and the pain was instantly numbed.

After one more application of Shilajit paste, the cavity’s dark, discolored area I had noticed in the mirror earlier had also completely disappeared, and the pain was almost entirely gone (I also used this aspartame-free gum to chew down on the affected areas, relieving pressure and adding Xylitol, another potent oral healer, to the mix).


Final Thoughts on Shilajit for Dental Health

As the study mentioned above shows, Shilajit has phenomenal potential for dental health.

It helps to kill the bacteria associated with cavities and oral cancer, and it’s incredibly mineral rich.

Put these two superfoods together and you’ve got a healing agent capable of healing one of the most frustrating health problems in the civilized world — tooth decay and the cavities that come with it.

Shilajit is also useful for tonifying and strengthening the kidneys as well, which is why they call it the ‘Destroyer of Weakness’ in Ayurvedic medicinal traditions.

I personally believe this is a life-changing supplement, and something everyone should keep in their medicine cabinet for dental health.

If you’d like to purchase the Shilajit healing paste I used in this particular instance, click on this link.

This supplement is worth every penny in my personal opinion, and I’m definitely going to use it again if I notice any spots on my teeth that may not be in the best health or are in need of remineralization and cleansing.

Thanks as always for reading,

Nick Meyer Founder

Nick Meyer

P.S. Shilajit is also available in a capsule form from one of my favorite companies, Omica Organics.

This supplement is life changing, there really is nothing else like it on the market. Try it here (use code ‘althealthworks’ for a discount at checkout)


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