Product Review: An Organic Cannabis Tincture With MCT Oil, CBD and CBG Included

hollistic CBD review organic cbd and mct


The cannabis business is relatively new in comparison with most other wellness operations, and that carries with it both positive and negative aspects.

On the positive side, there are several companies creating amazing products, taking advantage of a lucrative new market by going above and beyond to serve their customers, and their wellness-related needs.

On the downside, several CBD companies have been known to put out products that are average at best, preying on unsuspecting customers who are new to the world of CBD and the many benefits it provides.

One such company in the former category is based out of East Lansing, Michigan, offering exceptional products for people who want real results.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try one of their organic CBD products, and came away duly impressed by the quality and efficacy.


Hollistic CBD of East Lansing, Michigan Review 

hollistic CBD

For the purposes of this review, I tried the company’s 1 to 1 CBD Tincture.

This particular product contains organic coconut oil and MCT oil (a more concentrated form of coconut oil), which I really enjoyed because of how these oils boost brain function.

Combined with both organic CBD and organic CBG oil, this product has the effect of relaxing the user while simultaneously boosting brain function thanks to the coconut based oils.


Organic CBD

-Contains the hard-to-find CBG oil

-Contains organic MCT and coconut oil

-Is made from an independent, quality-focused company


None that I can think of at this time


The Benefits of Taking Organic CBD 

While some people don’t feel much different after taking CBD, it’s an effect I have always noticed.

CBD oil is incredibly relaxing, and helps me to step into my less-tense self, or, in other words, my true self.

Our bodies have endocannabinoid receptor sites throughout, and the more we consume CBD and CBG (which is similar to CBD but harvested from young hemp plants), the more we will feel relaxed at a baseline level from day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product from Hollistic CBD — I love how it contains all organic ingredients, as well as CBG, which is harder to find than CBD and adds even more benefits.

This particular CBD oil blend is of much higher quality than anything I’ve found at my local health food store, and is available online by clicking on this link.

You can also learn more about Hollistic CBD by checking out their Facebook pages here and here.

Special thanks to Josh from Hollistic CBD for providing a sample of this product to review. This company and product are definitely going on our Best of 2022 CBD Products list, which can be found by clicking here

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