Product Review: Organic Mushroom-Infused Protein Bars From AktivBar

aktiv bar product review


Over the course of my 10-15 years of being obsessed with natural health and organic products, I haven’t enjoyed many things more than a delicious, protein and micronutrient packed organic protein bar.

I’ve tried countless bars from countless companies, and one thing I’ve found is that not all bars are created equal.

Recently I had the chance to try some organic mushroom-infused protein bars from a company called AktivBar, and came away incredibly impressed by everything ranging from the taste to the texture to the wide variety of flavors and nutrients the company offers.

AktivBar: ‘Born in Our Kitchen, Not in a Board Room’


In an email to, AktivBar Founder Monica Illea mentioned that her company’s products were created in their kitchen, not in a board room.

The company eschews many things considered to be “healthy” by big, mainstream corporations and only includes many of the best organic and non-GMO ingredients, something I tasted first-hand.

The difference is unmistakable.

“I am passionate about health, and you can say that I am a food “purist,” Illea said in an email.

“Even ‘natural flavors’ bother me in a product, I can sense the chemical taste immediately. We decided to create these bars because we just could not accept that we need to use chemicals in commercial food for it to taste good. There must be a natural, healthy way!


According to Illea, she and her company attempted hundreds of different recipes before decided on the current AktivBar recipes and flavors that are available.

The ones I tried are as follows: 

Chocolate- This bar is made with dates, egg white powder, almonds, cacao, salt, and the company’s signature, functional organic mushroom blend that includes Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, and Tremella.

Overall I really liked this flavor. The dates blended in more than standing out and added a delightful sweetness to the recipe. I couldn’t really taste the mushrooms. These taste like a healthy, protein-rich superfood bar. The size is a little smaller than most other organic nutrition bars I have tried but the bars are surprisingly filling at 190 calories each.

The chocolate bar has 11 grams of protein, more than the next flavor on this list. I really enjoyed how each flavor has a different nutritional profile instead of being created from one cookie-cutter mold designed to meet nutrition macros.

Strawberry- Another great flavor.

These bars have five grams of protein and are flavored with strawberries. 

The dates and the strawberries combined well in this one to create something extraordinary.

I distinctly remember craving ice cream the night I ate two to three of these bars and opted to just feast on the bars instead because of how great they tasted. The strawberry and chocolate flavors were among my favorites.

Purchase an AktivBar Protein Variety Pack by clicking here


This one also tasted amazing. Flavored with dates and organic coconut, you can’t go wrong with these.

Another AktivBar packed full of nutrition and flavor, I wolfed this one down so fast I don’t remember exactly what it tasted like, but I definitely loved it.


I am a sucker for coffee-flavored ice cream, desserts (tiramisu is my favorite), and protein/nutrition bars, and this one lived up to my expectations.

The coffee flavor is savory and rich and there are 11 grams of protein with 1000 milligrams of organic mushroom extracts in these bars.

I could see myself taking these on a hike or camping trip and enjoying every bite even more thoroughly than I did in my kitchen while trying these for the first time.

Try a 12-pack of coffee protein and mushroom bars from AktivBar here


After trying this flavor, there was no doubt in my mind: AktivBar has hit a home run with these nutrition bars.

Not many companies are able to create sweet and savory products that both taste amazing and are packed with nutrition, but AktivBar has both styles down pat.

This particular bar is incredibly delicious and fragrant.

You can find it in the AktivBar seven-bar sampler pack by clicking here.

Final Thoughts on AktivBar


All things considered, these bars are a work of art, and incredibly functional for anyone seeking to live an active lifestyle.

The flavors are incredible and the nutrition is excellent.

The one caveat is that not every single ingredient is organic, but most of the ingredients are organic including the brilliant functional mushroom blend in each and every bar.

As someone who’s been taking mushrooms seriously for a long time lately, I can see the value these bars bring to the table. Consistently eating organic mushrooms like the ones found in these bars will increase your immunity tremendously while also helping to improve day-to-day mental clarity and cognitive function like nothing else on the market.

If you’re someone who’s an athlete, hiker, or adventurer in general, I highly recommend checking these bars out (click here for more information or to purchase them).

Special thanks to Monica and the team at AktivBar for letting me try these! 

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