Product Review: A Traditional Fermented Drink From Japan with Over 100 Fermented Superfoods

KOSO fermented drink


The world of probiotics can be a confusing one.

There are so many different probiotic supplements that it can be hard to know which one to purchase.

One of the most tried and true ways to obtain a healthy dose of probiotics is by going back to square one, namely, traditional foods and drinks like kombucha, kimchi, switchel, Jun (a type of kombucha made with honey and extra fizziness), and similar foods and drinks.

I personally have tried all of the above probiotic foods and drinks along with many others, but as it turns out, those were just the appetizer for the main course — an exciting and traditional fermented drink made in Japan that contains more gut healthy ingredients than anything I have ever tried.

KOSO — A Traditional Fermented Drink Made From 100+ Superfoods 


KOSO is a Japanese word meaning “an enzyme, a ferment,” and it comes in the form of a drink that I had the opportunity to try recently.

The drink contains over 100 superfoods, all of which are fermented together in a traditional and unique Japanese way that allows them to become rich in probiotics, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and postbiotics (also traditionally found in fermented foods like buttermilk, kefir and miso soup).

The benefits of KOSO may include, according to the company’s website:

-Enhanced gut health

-Support for healthy weight management and digestion

-Benefits for skin health

-Improved immunity

-Enhanced mental clarity and sleep

The KOSO drink comes in a tall, slender bottle that reminded me of a fancy liquor bottle.

A centuries-old drink, KOSO is traditionally fermented for one year, setting it apart from most other fermented drinks. There is no alcohol in the mixture, although the scent is quite strong similar to alcohol.

How Does KOSO Taste?


As mentioned above, the scent in KOSO is incredibly strong.

It smells like a past-its-prime jar of sauerkraut and/or pickled beets, which made me a bit reluctant to try it at first.

Upon closer inspection the strong scent faded a bit and I began to sniff the scent of plums, one of the many ingredients included in this mixture which is what most people describe the taste as being.

My first shot of the liquid taste like sauerkraut for a brief millisecond before finishing strong with the taste of a delicious plum or rice wine type of drink.

Overall I loved the taste, and it seemed to taste better when diluted with both water and sparkling water.

Some of the ingredients in KOSO include:

-Daikon radish


-Amino acids








And much more.

Those who take this drink report improved gut health, weight loss, and enhanced mental clarity.


After a few days of it I could feel my gut health being supported and I began to think that I would be sad when it runs out, because this stuff is liquid gold.

It is non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free, although there is no organic certification mentioned on the bottle.

Overall, I really like this drink a lot and I could see it helping my gut health and energy levels a tremendous amount when taken long-term. I especially like how it includes more ingredients than another superfood blend I have ever tried, which makes it excellent for supporting health in terms of micronutrients along with many other aspects of health.

Taste-wise, I’m a big fan.

Needless to say, I will be consuming the rest of this bottle quickly because of its taste and health benefits.

If you’d like to try KOSO for yourself, click on this link to visit the KOSO website.

The product is made by artisan drink makers with over 70 years of experience and is steeped in traditional health benefits and fermentation methods.

KOSO is also available on where it has almost all five-star reviews, and is recommended to be taken as part of a 3 or 5-day cleanse. 


Learn more about KOSO and how it compares to kombucha in the video below. Special thanks to KOSO for providing me with a drink sample to try for the purposes of this review.

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