Product Review: An Immune System Boosting Elderberry Tea From Earth Mama Organics

organic elderberry tea


Elderberry is often overlooked, but it is easily one of the healthiest things a person can consume for immunity purposes, especially while flying or during flu season.

Elderberry contains potent anti-viral properties, possessing the ability to attach itself to flu viruses and prevent them from entering human cells.

This is just part of the reason why I always do my best to consume elderberry supplements when the colder months arrive.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a delicious variety of elderberry immune tea from the company Earth Mama Organics, and these are my impressions.

Earth Mama Organics Offers a Delicious Elderberry Flavor 


Upon first taste, I really liked this tea but thought it was a bit light in terms of its elderberry taste.

I’m used to consuming elderberry syrup which is a rich, strong blend of elderberries taken in the form of a thick syrup.

This tea is much lighter than a traditional elderberry syrup, but the longer it steeps, the richer the flavor becomes.

By the time I finished my cup it tasted richer and even more delicious, just part of the appeal of this immunity bestowing tea blend from Earth Mama.

This blend includes the following herbs: 

-Elderberry fruit

-Hibiscus flower

-Rosehips (great source of Vitamin C)

-Echinacea Root (great immunity booster)

-Stevia leaf

-Elderberry flower

-Rooibos leaf

-Ginger root

I love how this tea combines so many great ingredients for immunity, many of which are my absolute favorites.

Echinacea is a tea I take separately which helps with inflammation. Rosehips are a great source of Vitamin C which is a vitamin I know for a fact my body needs a lot of to thrive.

Stevia adds a little bit of sweetness, and the elderberry flavor grows with each minute the tea is steeped.

Overall I could see this tea as being a great addition to any kitchen or herbal medicine cabinet or shelf, and something that can help stave off the flu and other health related issues during the fall months.

I highly recommend this tea for both its benefits and taste.

When taken consistently it can be quite helpful for health maintenance purposes.

If you’d like to try it, check out the Earth Mama Organics shop by clicking here.

You can also find this elderberry tea on by clicking on this link.

Special thanks to Earth Mama for providing this sample for review purposes. See our full disclaimer and affiliate disclosure here for more information. 

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