Product Review: Organic, Single Origin and Purity-Tested Coffees From LifeBoost

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Over my 20 or so years as coffee drinker, I have searched long and hard for the most delicious and healthy brews.

Recently, I had the chance to try out a line of whole-bean, single-origin organic coffees from LifeBoost Coffee.

I drank two of their signature blends over the course of more than three weeks.

Here’s what I love about them.

Pros of LifeBoost Coffee 

LifeBoost Coffee has everything I’ve been looking for in a coffee.

LifeBoost Coffee is:



-Third-Party Tested for Mold

-Third-Party Tested for Heavy Metals and Pesticide Residues

-Spring-Water Washed

-Fair Trade

-Mountain Shade Grown

-Freshly Roasted with Each Order

-Huge Selection of Creative and Incredibly Delicious Flavors

Try LifeBoost’s Best Flavors Here


Cons of LifeBoost Coffee

LifeBoost is more expensive than some other coffee brands.

That being said, you get what you pay for, and this is the best organic coffee I have ever brewed at home.

LifeBoost Coffee Flavors

The two flavors I have had from LifeBoost are French Vanilla and Vermont Maple Crème.

The French Vanilla has a strong, robust flavor and a nice vanilla finish.

The Vermont Crème really surprised me with its robust and delicious flavor.

These are the perfect savory coffee flavors if you’re looking for something delicious and made with organic ingredients.

These coffees are the closest I’ve had to something I would get at an actual coffee shop, without having to add sugar or flavor syrups like coffee shops often do.

Purchase French Vanilla here

Purchase Vermont Maple Crème

Special thanks to LifeBoost for providing coffee samples for the purposes of this review. We may receive compensation for any coffee purchased through links in these and other articles. See our disclaimer here

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