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It goes without saying, but we’re all incredibly distracted in today’s day and age by social media.

It’s gotten so bad I’ve even considered switching to a flip phone just for the sake of my own mental health.

It’s something I’ve thought an awful lot about personally, and while I may do it someday, I’m still a big fan of smartphones for a lot of different reasons.

Thankfully there’s a device out there that can mitigate the absolute worst smartphone related problem without a whole lot of moving parts or other difficulties.

And it’s so important because if you’ve ever scrolled mindlessly on Facebook for a long time you know what a terrible effect it can have on the way you feel.


The Catastrophic Health Risks of Smartphone Use

Recently, studies emerged showing a frightening amount of potential side effects for cell phone users that resulted in a lawsuit against the state of California by a university researcher named Joel Moskowitz, who said the state should have released them earlier.

Even the most simple of exposures is enough to exceed the government safety limit.

“If you keep the device by your body you will exceed the safety limits provided by the FCC,” he said to a local news station.

His concern came from research showing a slightly increased risk for brain cancer and tumors of the acoustic nerve and salivary gland, lower sperm count and quality in men, impaired memory, headaches, and sleep concerns among others.

Considering that the average age of a new cell phone user is now 10 years old and millions of people are glued to their devices, it’s clear that we have a serious problem on our hands, which is why California released its new guidelines for cell phone use, which include keeping the phone as far away from your body as possible.

My Nasty Early Morning Smartphone Addiction

For months on end now, I’ve been trapped in a nasty Groundhog Day-style cycle of laying in bed for several minutes or even hours on end.

aires tech for sale emfs

The Aires Shield Extreme EMF blockers, which help to block radiation as well. Click here to learn more.

Over the course of hundreds of hours of aimlessly browsing Facebook and Instagram on my smartphone, I started to notice a few things.

Experimentation and observation are the best forms of science in my opinion, and I could tell my health was suffering greatly.

Tingly Feelings in My Arms and Legs (Plus How I Got Them to Stop)

After a good ten minutes of browsing or so on my Samsung S7 Edge, I began to feel a pronounced tingling in my arms and legs.

It was systematic and affected me throughout my entire day, whenever I foolishly succumbed to my social media addiction.

If you’ve ever felt this before then you probably know how debilitating it can be.

But it all changed when I got a chance to start using a humble, tiny little device that helps to disperse the EMFs and radiation away from my phone and hands so that it isn’t nearly as concentrated and doesn’t affect me anywhere near as much as it used to do.


Hands-On with the Aires Shield Extreme

Upon first glance the tiny, not much bigger than half-an-inch product doesn’t look like something capable of affecting a much bigger smartphone, and I was skeptical.

I had a prior device that looked just like it but didn’t work so well, but this onee quickly exceeded my expectations.

Some health products are questionable as to whether they really work or not, but this one simply feels like it works after only a few sessions of using it.

In this case I placed the small, magnetic dot in the middle of my S7 Edge and honestly wasn’t expecting much, but after multiple days of browsing for hours on Facebook I quickly began to realize “Hey, this thing actually DOES work after all!!”

paul chek aires

Holistic health coach Paul Chek is a big fan of the Aires Tech, saying that it is stronger than any other phone shield he’s tried.

According to the Aires Tech website, the product is a microprocessor with a resonator antenna that accumulates charges that are absorbed from the cell phone’s electromagnetic impulse generator.

After that it gets a little more technical:

When an excess charge (polarization) has built up, it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor, which uses the charge to cause a coherent transformation of the field in the form of a hologram – made up of regularly alternating maxima and minima. The hologram interacts with external radiation, restructures it (forward and reverse Fourier transform) and matches it with a person’s own radiation, thus eliminating conflict between the external radiation and the radiation from the human body’s cells.

It may be all around us in the form of smart meters, power lines, cell phone towers and more, but radiation is not something you want to expose your body to, which is why it’s so important to follow the California guidelines (or to invest in a radiation blocking device).

Where to Buy the Aires Shield Extreme (and How It Compares to Similar Products)

You can purchase the Aires Shield Extreme on Amazon.com for less than 50 bucks or by visiting the company’s website.

Considering that Wi-fi, EMFs and phone radiation being implicated in leading to everything from brain cancer to fatigue, stress and even burning sensations, it goes without saying that taking action to mitigate the effects of these invisible waves is one of the best things you can do help save your health.

Thus far, I’ve tried two other brands of EMF blockers, one I won in a contest a health fair that was similar to the Aires Tech, and another called Safesleeve which is an actual physical case you put on top of the phone.

Of the those two, I definitely like the Safesleeve better because of how classy it looks and how effective it is for blocking these harmful EMFs.

As for whether it’s better than the AiresTech or not, that comes down to preferences. The Aires is cheaper and less obtrusive while still being effective, but the Safesleeve does have its charms.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either of them, and it really depends on your budget more than anything else (see my full review of the Safesleeve here).

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