Top Four Reasons to Hang an Eye Chart on Your Wall At Home

Eye charts provide a great deal of health benefits for your eyes and the rest of your face and body.


Eye charts are typically found in doctor’s offices of the family practice variety and in optometrist’s offices, but rarely in homes.

What most people don’t realize is that eye charts are inexpensive and can be found on, including exact replicas of the ones found in regular and eye doctor’s offices.

These charts can help a person hone their vision in just minutes per day, which is why myself and several holistic health practitioners focusing on the discipline of vision enhancement and correction recommend them.

Here are five health benefits provided by eye charts:

1. A Trip Down Memory Lane- 

I purchased two eye charts recently and found that they were helpful for remembering a time in my life during which I was young and had a lot of apprehension about being given an eye test at my doctor’s family practice office.

I remember being told to stand in the hallway to prepare for my vision exam only to be told a few short minutes later that I was standing too close and needed to move back several fight.

Panicked, I reluctantly moved backward to the designated position only to find that my ability to read the chart had drastically reduced.

I could no longer make out anything past the fourth or fifth line and suddenly my mind began racing with thoughts that I had almost no chance of passing the test and would have to get glasses.

My fears proved  true as I strained and squinted covertly in efforts to see the letters I simply could not read.

A few days ago I received the exact eye chart I attempted to read that day and hung it in my bedroom. I have since made it a practice to read the letters on the chart each morning and each night before bed with my contact lenses removed from my eyes.

This practice has helped to improve my long range vision in a short period of time. It also brought memories to the surface of how I felt back in 1997 when I first took the test and has helped me to meditate on them and process them.


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By recalling and making sense of these memories in my mind, I’ve been able to heal from different negative thoughts I’ve had surrounding this time of my life.

I was overweight as a middle school student during this time and getting glasses felt like a death sentence for my social life. I rarely wore my glasses at school because I didn’t like how they made me look and I eventually got contacts in high school which made me feel a lot better.

Since working with various types of therapists in 2012, around the time this website was founded, I began to heal negative memories and perceptions of myself that have held me back.

The eye chart helped to crystallize those experiences for me in a way that hadn’t been done previously while also helping me to improve my vision at home.

2. Improved Patience- 

While viewing the chart at home I am able to look at it for long periods of time, allowing my eyes to adjust naturally and allowing my mind to stop racing.

I don’t hear the voices of doctors and/or nurses telling me to hurry up while looking at my at-home eye charts and that important detail has helped me to improve my patience while staring at objects.

Find a Snellen Eye Chart for Ten Ft. Viewing Distance Here

3. Improved Focus- 

This goes hand-in-hand with item number two.

With more time to stare at my eye chart, my eyes have extra time to adjust and focus on what is in front of them, regardless of distance.

4. Improved Eyesight- 

After staring at the ten-foot distance eye chart for about a week my eyesight from that distance improved considerably.

It took a lot of patience and a lot of focus but I was able to settle into seeing better for the first time in a long time.

The eye chart I first used is shown below:

The eye chart shown above is a Snellen 10 foot eye chart.

Click here or above to purchase.


At first, I had a hard time seeing above the green line.

After a few days, I was able to see the fourth and fifth lines clearly.

After two weeks, I was astonished to discover that the sixth and seventh lines were visible as well.

This stark vision improvement constituted my best eye chart reading performance ever and it didn’t take more than 10 to 20 minutes of practice per day.


Final Thoughts on At-Home Eye Charts

If you’re looking for a fun hobby that helps improve your patience, focus, and vision, you can’t go wrong by purchasing an eye chart.

I like the ten-foot one here for initial use and the twenty-foot one here for taking your practice to the next level.

The twenty-foot one (here) will likely be instantly recognizable if you’ve ever been in a doctor’s office or optometrist’s office before.

Thanks for reading and I hope this information has been helpful for you.

Learn more about natural vision correction techniques from experts in the articles linked below my picture.

To your best health,

Nicholas J. Meyer Founder and Lead Writer

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