Flashback: Watch the Emotional $5 Million Super Bowl Cannabis Commercial that CBS Rejected Before Last Year’s Game


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Austin had dozens if not hundreds of seizures per day before he started taking medical cannabis.



The Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle in modern day American sports, with Feb. 2’s Super Bowl LIV garnering about 102 million viewers on average across both CBS and streaming outlets.

The big game is known for its creative and at times dramatic commercials, but health themed advertisements, especially in the world of holistic health, are few and far between.

Prior to last year’s Super Bowl, a large publicly-owned cannabis company based out of British Columbia pitched a TV commercial to the CBS network that would have been a historic first.

The price tag for the proposed ad? A cool $5 million, which the company Acreage Holdings, was ready and willing to pay.

Despite their willingness to pony up the cash, and to potentially make history, the company was denied by CBS executives, and the ad was never shown.

After watching the full one minute, four second clip, which was shared with TMZ by Acreage’s Javier Hasse and can be seen in its entirety below, it’s easy to see why: the network’s big pharmaceutical company clients probably wouldn’t have been too happy with it.



Rejected Super Bowl Ad Shares Startling Footage of How Cannabis Save Lives

“I had three back surgeries…and I was on opioids for 15 years. It was a very dark, very depressive time in my life,” says Greg Kazmierczak of Buffalo, New York in the commercial, one of three short storylines showcasing the power of medical cannabis.

Another storyline includes a child who had “dozens to hundreds of seizures every day.”

According to his mother, a single prescription pill nearly led to his death, before the family discovered medical cannabis and was able to heal his symptoms naturally.

The heart-stopping commercial ends with an appeal for legalization of medical cannabis in more states, and a rallying cry for viewers to reach out to their Congresspeople.

“It’s not just unfair, it’s cruel” that more people don’t have access to medical cannabis, the advertisement concludes.

Javier Hasse is a best-selling author of the book ‘Start Your Own Cannabis Business’ among several other books. He can be found on Twitter here.




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