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Product Review: A ‘Superior’ Product from Superieur Electrolytes, Inspired by the Largest Lake (By Surface Area) in the World

In the recent past I decided to focus more on nutrition from an athletic standpoint than a “natural health” standpoint and came away excited with research and testimonials I found on the administration of electrolytes from one of the greatest athletes of a generation, seven-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom [...]
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“We Didn’t Want to Put a Skull and Crossbones (On It):” GMO Apple Creator Neil Carter Says About Controversial Product

The new genetically engineered apple is finally set to hit store shelves this fall, and like most pro-GMO companies its creator, Canada-based Okanagan Specialty Foods, is dead set on not labeling its controversial new product. According to a new article from the website MIT Technology Review, the company’s founder Neal [...]
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