Infrared Red Light Therapy vs. Near Infrared Light Therapy: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

Red Light Therapy is taking the holistic health world by storm, and for good reason because it offers a variety of health benefits not seen in any other technology.

Phototherapy has been clinically studied for over 100 years, but is just now beginning to break into the mainstream with devices from companies like Joov Light, Hooga and Mito Red Light (the one I’ve been using, and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my health).

The two main types of Red Light Therapy are Infrared Light Therapy and Near Infrared Light Therapy, and each offers specific benefits based on the size of the wavelength of light that is provided (I personally use both virtually every morning, at least lately as I prepare my body for the upcoming warm months).

Here is a quick breakdown of the unique benefits offered by each.

Infrared Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy falls on the 630-700 nanometer (nm) scale in terms of wavelength size and is most effective on the surface of the skin.

Much research shows that this type of Red Light Therapy can even increase the thickness of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin), allowing it to better absorb the most crucial of all sun derived nutrients – Vitamin D.

That means that subjects who use this type of Red Light Therapy will be priming their body to optimize Vitamin D levels much more effectively for the minutes and hours they do spend in the sun each day, which can be a game changer overall health, immune system health and feelings of well being.

Near Infrared Light Therapy

Unlike traditional Red Light Therapy, Near Infrared Light Therapy does not fall on the visible spectrum of light.

When I flip this switch on my Mito Red Light device (check them out here) the device begins pulsating, the waves of light themselves are not visible to the naked eye.

This type of Red Light falls between 700 and 1200 nanometers, and penetrates deep into the skin.

This type of light is powerful it can positively effect individual cells on the inside of your body, including the mitochondria (power center of the cell), protein synthesis (helping your body produce more rejuvenating and you restoring collagen), and even increases antioxidant activity, helping the cells to better detoxify.


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I personally use Red Light Therapy every single morning to enjoy these benefits, and these are just the tip of the iceberg from what has been researched so far…

If you’d like to try a device that allows you to utilize both Infrared and Near Infrared Light Therapy in a single session, I highly recommend these units from Mito Red Light (check them out here).

They come with a money back guarantee and they are clinical grade, unlike many Red Light Therapy devices on the market that barely even work at the surface level and mostly offer a placebo effect.

These are arguably the strongest Red Light Therapy devices on the market and in my opinion they are worth every penny…There’s a reason why they are used by top athletes across Major League Baseball, the NFL, and even the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, one of the teams that is always ahead of the curve on beneficial new health technologies!

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Thanks so much for reading and please let me know if you have any questions…This post doesn’t even begin to cover the benefits these devices have for human health which is why I am so excited to share this info with you (and to use my Mito Red Light again when I get back from my trip to Northern Michigan).


Nicholas J. Meyer Founder


P.S. The devices we’re giving away are the hand held, portable versions seen here if you’d like to check them out: Purchase Mito Red Light Therapy Devices

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