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“It Feels Like…We’re Being Told That We Don’t Belong:” Organic Farmer Shares Impassioned Plea After Windows Smashed, Crops Burned By Vandals

  If there’s anyone who knows about the differences and similarities between pesticide-intensive farming and organic farming, it’s Travis Heide, who grew up on a conventional farm and now owns one of the largest farms in North America. Heide has been enjoying his time in the “Great White North” of [...]
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Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth About Ensure Nutrition Drinks – “I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal”

    Carrol Krause, a former reporter for the Herald-Times of Bloomington, Indiana, had to retire from her journalism career because of an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2014. Before she passed away in February, she wrote a blog titled ‘Stories by Carrol’ highlighting the best and the worst of her last days. A few [...]
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