Lab Tests Find 92 ‘Mystery Compounds,’ that are ‘Unknown to Science’ in this GMO Milk Brand

GMO Milk is being made and added to dairy products with the tagline that it is better because it doesn't need cows to be produced.


Genetically modified milk isn’t widely known among most consumers, and that’s true in large part because it is unlabeled, as most genetically modified foods and drinks are nowadays.

Recently, California scientists began lifting the veil on this type of milk and sharing their findings with the media, adding a fresh coat of paint from the Public Relations department beforehand.

At least fourteen dairy brands began using this type of synthetic GMO milk in their products (full list here), without telling consumers exactly what they were purchasing.

On November 29, 2023, Organic & Non-GMO Report founder and journalist Ken Roseboro blew the whistle on laboratory tests on this particular genetically modified type of milk, in a feature article posted to his website.

The findings came as a shock to some who read the headlines while others were not so surprised after all, considering the secrets that the genetically modified food industry has been keeping dating back to the 1980s and 1990s.

Tests Find ’92 Mystery Chemicals’ in Bored Cow GMO Milk

The synthetic milk brand Bored Cow has a lot of skeletons in its closet that are just now coming to light.

The Bored Cow company calls itself the “world’s first animal-free dairy chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milk.” What it neglects to mention in full detail is where it comes from and how it’s made, as well as the category of food-like products it is placed in media and analysts who are familiar with the GMO industry.

The Iowa-based Health Research Institute (HRI) tested a Bored Cow product with ‘full spectrum molecular analysis technology.’

The HRI found 92 small molecules in the product that are ‘unknown to science,’ according to Chief Science Officer John Fagan of the Institute.

“They’re completely novel to our food,” Fagan said according to the Non-GMO Report article.

“They are things that we haven’t consumed as human beings.”

Fagan searched scientific literature and databases to find whether the molecules had ‘any beneficial properties’ and found nothing.


“I couldn’t even find the scientific name for the vast majority of the molecules present in the Bored Cow product. They are nutritional dark matter,” Fagan said.

Fagan also found ‘residues of a fungicide’ at a ‘substantial level.’

He thinks it got into the milk through the fermentation process.

When asked via email about Fagan’s findings, the GMO milk product creator Bored Cow chose not to respond.

GMO Industry Lying About Comparison to Cow’s Milk?

According to Roseboro’s report, both Bored Cow and fellow GMO milk protein producer Perfect Day claim the protein in their products is identical to cow’s milk.

Fagan and the Institute’s tests found that the protein in these genetically engineered milk products comes from the GMO yeast used to make it, not the milk protein.

“The amino acid composition of the protein that’s present in the Bored Cow milk is strikingly different from the amino acid composition of real milk,” Fagan said according to The Organic & Non-GMO Report.

“We have data that shows this is the case.”


Genetically Modified DNA Remains in Bored Cow, Other Synthetic Dairy Products

The GMO milk companies mentioned previously claim their products shouldn’t be called GMO because the GMO-derived “microflora” is supposedly removed during the fermentation process.

According to Fagan, those statements are not true.

“The (genetically engineered) DNA in these products is broken up or fragmented but is certainly still there,” he said.

Missing Nutrients in GMO Milk Compared to Regular

There are several nutrients missing in GMO milk compared to regular milk according to the non-profit organization GMO Free USA.

Among them are the following:

-69 nutrients total

-Omega 2s

-Vitamin B3

-Vitamin B5

-Vitamin E

-Fatty Acids


The GMO/Toxin Free USA organization urges consumers to avoid these synthetic dairy products by reading labels and staying away from offending brands.

More information and a full list of brands to avoid can be found in this article.



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