Antioxidant-Packed Healing Tea Boosts Heart Health, Improves Digestion and Reduces Inflammation Throughout the Entire Body




Most tea drinkers are fond of caffeinated varieties such as green tea, matcha, and black tea, but caffeine-free herbal teas have unique healing properties.

Chamomile tea is the number one most popular herbal tea in the United States, but further down the list is a tea renowned for its health benefits that most people have never tried.

Rooibos tea has an illustrious history of being used for healing a long list of health issues.

Rooibos Boosts Heart Health, Reduces Inflammation While Preventing Stomach Problems


First utilized by an indigenous tribe from Cederberg, South Africa called the Khoisan, rooibos tea is often wild harvested, which increases its antioxidant healing powers.

It is one of the richest teas in antioxidants on the market.

This tea offers health benefits you won’t find in traditional teas like green and black tea.

Rooibos is excellent for:

-Bone health. Research has shown it may stimulate cells involved in bone growth and density

-Heart health. It is packed with antioxidants like quercetin and aspalathin that may help protect against heart disease and cancer.

-Digestive health. Rooibos is low in tannins compared with other teas to protect against digestive upset. Rooibos tea also may help relax and prevent stomach problems.

-Those with diabetes. A 2013 study showed rooibos can help regulate blood sugar levels and may help decrease insulin resistance and improve diabetic symptoms when drank regularly.

Full list of benefits and possible side effects here

Rooibos has only recently been studied in-depth by scientists. Many more benefits are yet to be discovered.

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My Personal Experience With Rooibos

Rooibos is a great choice for anyone who wants a tea that is caffeine-free, slightly sweet, and full of antioxidants and health benefits.

I personally like it with a little bit of raw local honey or manuka honey, as the sweetness of the honey compliments the light, sweet taste of the tea.

If you’re looking for rooibos tea, choose organic whenever possible. Recent tests showed non-organic rooibos tea may contain up to 13 different pesticides.

Try an organic rooibos tea here or click on the picture below.

rooibos tea organic

I also have been drinking rooibos tea from the company Firebelly Tea recently.

Firebelly makes organic looseleaf tea blends with flavors and colors similar to the company Teavana but organic instead.

Try an organic tea blend with rooibos called ‘After Dinner Mint’ here.

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